How To Get Quartz in Minecraft?

How to get quartz in Minecraft? Where can you find quartz in Minecraft? Read this post till the end to get the answers.

Nether Quartz is among Minecraft’s more beautiful decorative blocks, but obtaining it in the treacherous Nether with so many deadly monsters around can be difficult.

Players can, thankfully, shorten the time spent in the Nether and the risks they face by speeding up resource collecting. There are three main methods for obtaining Nether Quartz, each with a unique process and prerequisites.

Since none of these techniques are particularly challenging, Minecraft players can concentrate on surviving in the Nether without having to go to incredible lengths to get Nether Quartz.

Continue reading to learn how to get quartz in Minecraft.

How to get quartz in Minecraft?

How to get quartz in Minecraft

How to get quartz in Minecraft? Here are the fastest ways to get quartz in Minecraft:

Nether Bastion remnants

How to get quartz in Minecraft? The terrifying remains of the once great bastions can be found in the Nether in Minecraft. These places are frequently great places to find loot chests and Piglins to perhaps trade with.

Occasionally, Nether Quartz can be discovered in the Bastion ruins’ concealed loot containers. Compared to the Bedrock version of Minecraft, Nether Quartz spawns in chests slightly more frequently in the Java version. Currently, Bastion chests occur more frequently in the Java edition (33.7%) than in Bedrock (29.4%).

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Fortune enchanted pickaxes

Fortune enchanted pickaxes

How to get quartz in Minecraft? A pickaxe with a Fortune enchantment can help players in Minecraft gain a lot more quartz quickly. Nether Quartz blocks only yield one unit of quartz when crushed with a common pickaxe. However, each Nether Quartz block can drop up to four units of quartz when a potent enchantment like Fortune III is applied on a sturdy pickaxe like the diamond pickaxe.

Players will have the ability to cut through Nether Quartz swiftly and gather stacks of quartz in a remarkably short amount of time compared to looting or trade because better pickaxes break Netherrack so quickly.

Piglin trading

How to get quartz in Minecraft? The Nether is filled with NPC mobs of the mysterious Piglin race. Despite being hostile most of the time, they value gold and will become friendly if the player is wearing gold-colored armour.

The Piglins will accept gold ingots from players in exchange for a variety of things. Piglins will occasionally chuck forth 5–12 units of Nether Quartz when paid a gold ingot.

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