How to get Podzol in Minecraft? 

How to Get Podzol in Minecraft? Podzol is an item in Minecraft that is a type of dirt block that naturally covers the surface of the bamboo jungles and old growth taiga, and can be found in different variants. 

You need to search and gather podzol in the game because they cannot be created with a furnace or crafting table. 

How to get Podzol in Minecraft? 

How to get Podzol in Minecraft

How to get podzol in Minecraft? Podzol is kind of tricky to find in Minecraft. You need to search podzol in an old growth pine taiga biome and then mine it out with the help of a tool enchanted with silk touch.

Podzol has the same features as mycelium in Minecraft. Podzol is the type of dirt that holds the capability of growing large mushrooms. Podzol allows you to grow large versions of the mushroom type. Additionally, it will also hold other plants that don’t require tilled dirt, such as flowers, ferns, tree saplings, and ferns.

How to get Podzol in Minecraft

The player can also turn podzol into a dirt path by clicking on use, and use any type of shovel to till it, but you cannot convert it into farmland by tilling with a hoe tool.

However, to turn a dirt path into farmland you first need to shovel on the podzol to convert it into a dirt path and then use the hoe to till the dirt path, now you have your farmland ready. 

How to get podzol in Minecraft? Usually, podzol can be found in the old growth pine taiga biome in the Minecraft world.

Check out the video tutorial below

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How do you multiply Podzol in Minecraft? 

The player can multiply podzol in Minecraft by planting 2×2 sq; of spruce saplings with no blocks near them. You have to remove the flowers, snow layers, tall grass, or any other things that are neighboring the spruce sapling. For a couple of times bonemeal one sapling, you have to wait long enough, and it will convert the dirt and grass into podzol. 


Now you know what a podzol does and how you can get it, share it with your friends, and keep on hunting for more new things in Minecraft. Don’t let your adventure have any limit, search for more exciting items that you can use to build your world in Minecraft. 

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