How to get more Spell slots Elden Ring?

Elden Ring relies heavily on Spellcasting. Therefore you’ll want to increase your Spell slot capacity and study more Spells. However, for players who aren’t familiar with the game, gaining access to more Spell slots and learning more magic can seem convoluted. We have the perfect guide for you if you are one of the many players interested in expanding their knowledge of Spells. This article will explain how to get more Spell slots Elden Ring.

How to get more Spell slots Elden Ring?

How to get more Spell slots Elden Ring 1

Memory Stones can be used to increase the number of available Spell Slots in your Elden Ring. How to get more Spell slots Elden Ring? The enormous gaming world is littered with these one-of-a-kind things. This implies that some detective work will be required to locate it. You can’t make new Spell slots appear out of thin air in the game. In this case, you’ll have to put in some serious time and effort to complete some aspects of the game’s content. Among these is the elimination of bosses.

How & Where to Learn More Spells?

The Elden Ring Waypoint Ruins Cellar is the place to go if you’re a practitioner of Glintstone Magic. There’s a boss to be killed once you get here. When the boss has been defeated, you must locate a non-player character. To learn magic from this NPC, you must answer yes to her question. Make sure to give a favorable response. Find Arcane Books if you want to learn new Spells in Elden Ring.

To use Faith, you must first visit the Table of Forgotten Grace. If you visit the campfire, a woman will talk to you and introduce you to a man. Get Incantations from this dude.

How many Spell slots are there in Elden Ring?

How many Spell slots are there in Elden Ring

There are 8 Memory Stones in the game, as previously indicated. Together, they grant access to eight additional spaces beyond the two that come standard. Let’s discuss how to get more Spell slots Elden Ring and how to reach 12 when we tell you the secret. First, we need to find all eight of the Memory Stones.

The initial one is located in Oridys’s Rise. To complete the riddle and get access to the room with the stone, you must first eliminate the three ghostly turtles patrolling the area.

The converted Tower houses the second stone. Here’s how you get in: use Torrent to scale the crumbling walls to the side of the Tower, then leap onto the Tower and make your way to the chest it conceals. If you’d rather not wait, you can also use the Erudition gesture on the statue inside the Tower.

The third is hidden at the Raya Lucaria Academy by the Red Wolf of Radagon’s leader. The location of number four is inside Tetsu’s Rise. You’ll need to locate three spirit turtles and destroy them, just like with the first stone.

On Seluvis Rise, the fifth stone can be found. Before entering, you must have a conversation with Ranni, who can be found within Ranni’s Rise. Return to the Tower after she has finished talking, and you will find the seal has been broken. Go up top, and you’ll find the chest.

Lenni’s Rise, where the sixth stone rests, is the highest point. You’ll need to ride Torrent and leap onto the spirit spring while facing the Tower for entry. It is possible to reach the stairs leading to the chest by performing a double leap.

The Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold sell the seventh stone for three thousand runes. Demi-human Queen Maggie tosses the final memory stone not far from the Hermit Village and Sorcerer Lusat.

After acquiring all Memory Stones, completing Ranni’s questline, and visiting the Eternal City of Nokstella are the final steps in unlocking all 12 Memory Slots. Reach the top of the Nokstella grace site and follow the trail until you find a chest containing the Nokstella moon.

How to unlock more Spell slots in Elden Ring?

How to unlock more Spell slots in Elden Ring

Spells cast in Elden Ring are stored in the user’s Memory Slots. Unlocking memory slots allow you to store more Spells in your mind and quickly access them during battle without needing to stop and recover at a location of grace. Even though you don’t begin with a lot, your mage can gain access to many more Spells and become significantly more potent. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the ins and outs of expanding your Elden Ring Spellbook with Memory Slots.

Memory Stones are the key to everything. How to get more Spell slots Elden Ring? The universe of Elden Ring is filled with them, an essential item. You can find one of eight different Memory Stones. They’re primarily located in the towers. The Memory Stones are locked away in towers that initially appear inaccessible unless the appropriate riddle is solved. Defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon on your way up to the Raya Lucaria Academy or the Demi-Human Queen Maggie will also net you a ring.

With each new Memory Stone you find, you gain access to a new Spell slot. Due to a total of eight, your Spellcaster will have access to ten memory slots, allowing them to perform various Spells. We suggest making an effort to go through the Lands Between to locate these mysterious towers. Oridys’ Rise, Converted Tower, Testu’s Rise, Seluvis’ Rise, and Lenne’s Rise are the towers you seek. At the Roundtable Hold, the Twin Maiden Husks sell them as well.


How to get more Spell slots Elden Ring? Spells must be “equipped” in your memory before you may use them in battle, and this is what Memory Slots are for. No matter what starting class you select, you will only have access to 2 Memory Slots. If you’re going for a melee physical build, this is great, but it’s a significant drawback if your character relies on Spells.

Fortunately, Memory Stones can be used to expand the overall number of available slots. You can acquire 10 Memory Slots by collecting all 8 Memory Stones hidden around The Lands Between. Thanks for reading.

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