How to get more Memory Slots Elden Ring?

How to get more memory slots Elden Ring? Memory Slots are cells in which you can memorize and store spells. These are highly useful in Elden Ring because spells are required. How to get more memory slots Elden Ring? First, gamers must learn how to cast the spells they want to utilize. These spells will be stored in Memory Slots, and the Elden Ring’s Memory Slot count is a customizable feature.

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How to get more memory slots Elden Ring?

How to get more memory slots Elden Ring

So now that we know how helpful and necessary these Memory Slots are, we must learn how to get more memory slots Elden Ring. This is done so that we can cast more spells. Two Memory Slots are provided at the outset, although this may need to be increased in the future. This grants you the ability to cast additional spells when engaged in combat. The first step in increasing the number of available Memory Slots is to locate the Memory Stones.

The Memory Stones are dispersed across the whole of the Lands Between, so you’ll have to do some exploring to find them. But you should know that some products are hard to get your hands on because of their scarcity and high cost. The first is available at the Roundtable Hold, but the rest need you to complete quests.

What are memory slots in the Elden Ring?

The number of spells and incantations your character may memorize is capped by your Memory Slots, a Base Stat in Elden Ring type. You can study spells and improve your memorization skills while unwinding at any Sites of Grace. Specific spells can only be learned if more than one Memory Slot is used.

How to use memory slots Elden Ring?

How to use memory slots Elden Ring

It is impossible to equip and utilize a spell once it has been discovered in Elden Ring. To perform a spell, for example, one needs to memorize the proper sorceries and enchantments, and one can only learn these things in the right conditions. Furthermore, there are prerequisites for each spell that must be met before it may be cast. Relax at a grace location, then choose “Memorize spell” from the menu to unlock the ability to equip spells. You can access your spell storage areas at the very top of the screen.

The greatest number of spells a Tarnished can have memorized at once is equal to its total number of memory slots. To acquire more storage space, players can collect Memory Stones. The towers of Lake Liurnia and the Weeping Peninsula of Limgrave, respectively, are home to some equally out-of-the-ordinary rock formations known as Testu’s Rise and Oridy’s Rise. Tarnished gain an additional spell slot for every memory stone they possess.

Without a sorcery catalyst, which can take the form of a Glintstone Staff or a Sacred Seal, Tarnished cannot perform spells. Given that Glintstone Staffs are limited to sorceries, and Sacred Seals to incantations, discerning which spell is being cast requires a thorough reading of the spell description.

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How to change memory slots in an Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Memory Slot Expansion You’ll need an essential item called a Memory Stone to expand your Memory slots.

You can either purchase them from shops or acquire them randomly while adventuring.

After you have defeated Godrick the Grafted, you should return to the Roundtable Hold and enter via the large double doors to meet up with Enia the Finger Reader.

She charges 5,000 Runes for a Memory Stone.

You need not do anything with the Memory Stone. Simply having it in your inventory will boost your amount of slots.

You can keep up to eight Memory Stones, each increasing your slot count by one.

With more slots at your disposal, you’ll be able to equip even more spells, but remember that you’ll need a decent supply of FP to utilize them.

This concludes the discussion about expanding the Elden Ring’s Memory slots. In order to learn more about the game, check out our guide wiki. How many memory slots are there in the Elden Ring?

You can locate eight Memory Stones in the Elden Ring. These stones are most often found in the towers of sorcerers. However, some can only be obtained by defeating specific bosses and getting their loot. Seeing as many of these Memory Stones as quickly as possible is a top priority if you want to build an Intellect or Faith character. Is there a way to upgrade the Elden Ring so that I have more memory slots available? No matter what class you play at the outset of Elden Ring, you will have access to two spell slots.

Once you’ve collected all eight Memory Stones, you’ll have ten available slots. This quantity can be boosted further by locating and equipping the Moon of Nokstella Talisman, which adds two memory slots to your inventory. This item can be found in the Eternal City of Nokstella. 

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Where to get memory slots Elden Ring?

Where to get memory slots Elden Ring

Where to get more memory slots Elden Ring? To obtain Memory Stones, you must complete various Elden Ring tasks. They’re scattered throughout the game, although none are straightforward to get, unlike a Golden Seed. Locations of Memory Stones in Elden Ring are listed here for your convenience. You can buy the services of Enia, the Finger Reader, from the Roundtable Hold for three thousand Runes.

Demihuman Maggie — Take down this boss near Hermit Village’s Mount Gelmir.

To complete the Red Wolf of Radagon quest in the Raya Lucaria Academy, you must first defeat the academy’s boss, the Bloody Wolf. Ascend the tower of conversion.

Testu’s Rise: Complete the task of getting access to the tower and ascending to the summit.

Lenne’s Rise: Caelid, located in a tower in Dragonbarrow.

Seluvis’ Rise: Defeat the boss of Caria Manor, Royal Knight Loretta, in the Three Sisters district of Liurnia.

Oridys’ Rise — At the top of the tower at Weeping Peninsula, east of the Morne Rampart Site of Grace. Before entering the tower, you must fulfill a challenge involving slaying three ghost turtles.


Memory slots are critical if you intend to use a magic build in Elden Ring. Memory slots are required to equip your sorceries and enchantments. Most spells require only one slot, but some more potent ones may require numerous. You’ll start with two spaces, but you can expand that number as you progress through the game. That concludes our knowledge of the Memory Stones in the Elden Ring.

Unlocking all of them is necessary if you want to improve your sorcery to the next level. Choose the spells you’d like to cast at the Site of Grace using the drop-down menu.

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