How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring?

How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring? In the Elden Ring, the Magma Blade is a curved blade with tremendous power that scales essentially with agility, Faith, and strength. As its name implies, this sword causes fire damage, and its Magma Shower weapon skill, which leaves damaging magma on the ground, may be highly effective. Nonetheless, this guide is here to help players through the tedium of tracking down Elden Ring’s Magma Blade.

How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring?

How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring

How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring? Getting into the dungeon of Volcano Manor is the first order of business if you want the Magma Blade. There are various ways to do this, but the quickest and easiest is to complete Rya’s questline in Elden Ring and then use the teleport to the Manor. The next step is to talk with Tanith about starting the Volcano Manor questline and obtaining the Drawing-Room Key. Hit the wall in the room just past the dead body to find a passage down into the dungeon; the door to the jail is the first one on the right in the corridor to the west of Tanith, which can be opened with the key you found.

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Players should go through Volcano Manor and the dungeon to the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring? Those who wish to visit the Temple of Eiglay’s balcony can take the lift next to this Site of Grace in Elden Ring. Players must jump from this balcony onto the stone road below to reach the enormous pool of lava and continue along it. On the western side of the pool is a building with an open window that spectators can use to enter the facility.

Players with the Elden Ring should press forth to face a Man-Serpent armed with a Magma Blade. The odds of either of these enemies or one of a similar sort a little further down the trail dropping the sword are extremely low. Players can expect to spend a significant amount of time “farming” these two Man-Serpents for the Magma Blade, as doing so is the only way to earn the weapon.

It is important to note that players should aim to have the highest possible discovery before beginning their Magma Blade farming efforts. A high discovery increases the odds that a fan will receive a rare item, and there are several ways to raise it. Fans should combine all these strategies to increase their chances of obtaining a Magma Blade:

  • Raising the arcane stat in Elden Ring
  • Donning the Silver Scarab talisman
  • Employing the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot item

Where to get a Magma Blade in the Elden Ring? 

Where to get a Magma Blade in the Elden Ring

How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring? Unlike some Elden Ring’s other top blades, the Magma Blade can’t be found in a store or designated place. Obtaining the sword is dispatching the Lizardmen guarding it in Volcano Manor. In particular, the Lizardmen carrying the molten version of this blade will abandon it.

Magma Sword Farming Area

It would help if you got to the Lizardmen’s spawning place from the volcano manor, as that is where the Magma Blade of Elden Ring can be found. You’ll need to turn on the Site of Grace once you reach that spot. After that, you’ll need to stock up on Magma Blade by killing many Lizardmen.

To access the elevator, head to the Volcano Manor Site of Grace and press the button. Take it, and you’ll be whisked away from the Manor. You must now descend to the lava and proceed along the trail. When you reach the cliff’s edge, fall to the next level and flow. Afterward, proceed left down the lava fall until you get to the tower.

An iron maiden will appear and assault you if you venture onto the platform on which the tower is perched. Pass through the opening and enter the building. A lizardman will be waiting to pounce on you if you go there. Kill them, but tread carefully; they do a lot of damage just by holding the Magma Blade. You’re wondering where to find the Magma Blade in the Elden Ring; it’s been doled out to these lizardmen. You’ll need a well-balanced arsenal of Armor, Weapons, and Spells to stand a chance against them. It is also possible to prevent the effects of fire by using specific consumables.

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Where to farm Magma Blade in the Elden Ring? 

Where to farm Magma Blade in the Elden Ring

As part of Elden Ring’s quest chain, Tarnished warriors must farm a specific mob in Volcano Manor, Gelmir Mountain, to obtain the lava-spewing Magma Blade. How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring? The Magma Blade is a Curved Sword in Elden Ring endowed with the potent weapon art Magma Shower, which was born from the molten lava of Mt. Gelmir. This ability allows the user to perform a spinning, magma-splashing slash reminiscent of Kratos’s Blades of Chaos swing. Dual-wielding the Magma Blade, which deals Physical and Fire damage, is possible for Tarnished warriors who can acquire two of the weapons.

A character in Elden Ring needs to have Strength 9, Dexterity 15, and Faith 16 to use the Magma Blade. Also, you’ll need 12 FP to activate Magma Shower. Invoking the Fire Monk Incantation, Flame, and Grant Me Strength while using this weapon will significantly increase its destructive potential. Thanks to this Spell, the Magma Blade and its distinctive style of weaponry may inflict even more damage than before. Tarnished needs to farm a specific high-level enemy in Mt. Gelmir to obtain one or two of these powerful weapons in the Elden Ring.

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The Man-Serpents in the area of the Volcano Manor, and more specifically those carrying the Magma Blade, are an uncommon source of this item. Many can be found by the tarnished as they explore the scorching exterior of the Manor. Despite this, the ideal farming spot can be found in the Temple of Eiglay after you’ve conquered the Godskin Noble of Elden Ring.

Where is the Magma Blade in the Elden Ring? 

The Man-Serpents at Volcano Manor often drop the Magma Blade if they are killed while wielding it. A tarnished person who ventures out to the burning exterior of the mansion can find a number of them. However, after fighting the Godskin Noble of Elden Ring in the Temple of Eiglay, you will discover the most significant agricultural area.


How to get Magma Blade Elden Ring? It takes 9 Strength, 15 Dexterity, and 16 Faith to handle the Magma Blade, a one-of-a-kind curved sword. It increases in power based on your Strength and Faith and decreases in intensity based on your Dexterity. This sword is excellent for Faith-based builds because its skill increases with the user’s Faith. The weapon can be improved by using Somber Smithing Stones, with the addition of a single Ancient Dragon Somber Smithing Stone allowing for the highest possible upgrade.

Magma Blade’s unique ability is called Magma Shower, requiring 12 FP to utilize it. When used, the user spins around while cutting the blade, sending magma flying in all directions. You can add more damage to the spinning strike by using it in conjunction with a second attack. We hope that this post was informative and valuable to you.