How to get Carrot Seeds in Minecraft?

How to Get Carrot Seeds in Minecraft? Carrots are one of the basic food items that you will find in the Minecraft world. If you eat a carrot, you will be able to restore three hunger points, which will be very helpful for survival. So, many players usually have a question in their mind about how to get carrot seeds in Minecraft, to utilize them for different purposes. Read on to learn more.

How to get carrot seeds in Minecraft? Sadly there are no carrot seeds in the game; however, the carrot as a whole acts as a seed. All you need to do is just plant the carrots, and they will duplicate themselves. 

But it is a little difficult to find carrots in the game as you can only find them in villages, by rare drops from zombies or shipwrecks. Let’s discuss a few best ways how to get carrot seeds in Minecraft. 

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How to Get Carrot Seeds in Minecraft? 

How to Get Carrot Seeds in Minecraft

A player can obtain carrots in 3 ways in the Minecraft world; first, from mob loot, you can kill mobs in the game to obtain carrots. The mobs include zombie villagers, husks, and zombies. You should keep in mind that if you have to attack the mobs then only you will be able to get carrots, do not use TNT; otherwise, there will be chances of losing carrots. 

The second way to obtain carrots is by looting chests. You can find the chest that spawns carrots in Pillager outposts, bonus chests (bedrock only), and shipwrecks. Among all the places, pillager outposts are where you can find the most chest that contains carrots in them.

The third way is collecting by breaking. If you ever come across a village farm where you see growing carrots, collect them by breaking through the farm. Use any tool which you have to break them; all you require is two fully-grown carrots. This is considered to be one of the easiest ways to obtain carrots in the Minecraft world. 

Check out the video tutorial below


Now you know there are no seeds of carrots in Minecraft; you need to have fully grown carrots that will act like seeds to duplicate themselves. All you need to do is to find the best way that suits you to obtain the carrots so that you can use them as a food item or for other things in the game. 

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