How to get Candy in Pokemon Go?

How to get candy in Pokemon Go? In Pokémon Go, Candy is like magic fuel for your Pokémon. It basically helps them get stronger and evolve into more powerful forms. So how to get candy in Pokemon Go? Here’s a quick read-through.

How to get Candy in Pokemon Go?

There are multiple ways to get candy in Pokemon Go, so ultimately it’s your decision which method suits you the best. Here’s a list of methods to get candy in Pokemon Go:

Method 1: The most reliable method, unfortunately, involves a bit of your effort. In this method, you have to catch Pokemon.

Whenever you successfully catch a Pokémon, you’ll be rewarded with three Candy. However, if you’re seeking a specific species, there are techniques to expedite the process, such as locating Pokemon nests or hotspots.

It’s worth noting that during special events or seasons, drop rates for certain items, like Candy, may increase. For instance, the Halloween event in Pokemon Go sometimes offers double Candy rewards. So keep an eye on the game to grab such opportunities.

To check if there are enhanced Candy drop rates as part of an event, tap the binoculars icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and then navigate to the ‘Today’ tab. If there’s a boosted catch Candy rate, you’ll find it listed within one of the event sections.

Method 2: Utilizing Berries During Battles, in the Gen 2 Pokemon update, they introduced some fresh Berries that bring new twists to wild Pokemon encounters. Among them, there’s the Pinap Berry, which does something pretty cool, it doubles the Candy you get when you successfully catch the next Pokemon.

Now, there’s also the Silver Pinap Berry. It works the same way as the regular Pinap Berry, but it comes with a bonus, it not only doubles the Candy you get but also makes the Pokemon you’re trying to catch a bit easier to nab.

Method 3: If you feed a Pokemon stationed at a Gym that belongs to your team, there’s a small chance you might receive a Candy for that particular Pokemon. This method stands out as one of the simplest ways to acquire Candy, especially since Gyms often house powerful Pokemon like Blisseys, Tyranitars, and Dragonites. 

Method 3: You can choose a Pokemon as your Buddy, and after walking a certain distance with it, you’ll receive Candy. 

Method 4: In this method, you have to send/transfer Pokemon. When you decide to send a Pokémon away (you can do this by going to your Pokémon screen, tapping the bottom right menu, and selecting ‘transfer’), it not only removes them from your collection but also grants you one Candy for that Pokémon.


Now that you know how to get candy in Pokemon Go, why don’t you implement these methods in your gaming session? And find out which is the most effective and well-suited method to get candy in Pokemon Go. 


Is there a way to get more Pokémon candy in Pokémon GO?

Another way to obtain Candy is by hatching eggs. Hatching eggs can provide you with a decent amount of Candy, but it can sometimes be a bit of a guessing game to get the Pokémon you want. Our guide and chart on egg hatching can assist you in improving your odds and hatching eggs more efficiently.

For example, our Electabuzz hatched from a 10km egg, but it only gave us a modest 16 Candy.

However, hatching eggs, particularly those from 10km eggs, is often the primary method for evolving or strengthening certain Pokémon like Snorlax, as the Candy you receive from hatching these eggs is typically quite substantial. Here’s a rough estimate of the Candy you can expect from hatching eggs, although keep in mind that these numbers are based on anecdotal evidence:

  • 2km egg: Usually between 5 and 15 Candy
  • 5km egg: Typically between 10 and 21 Candy
  • 7km egg: Usually between 10 and 21 Candy
  • 10km egg: Generally between 16 and 32 Candy
  • 12km egg: Generally between 16 and 32 Candy

While you might sometimes receive slightly more or less Candy, these figures represent the most common Candy rewards from egg hatching.

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