How to get an Alpha Pass in Sandbox?

Have you heard about the Sandbox Alpha Pass? Well, it is an NFT pass with which holders would be able to enjoy all 18 of the Alpha Season’s 18 adventures. Alpha pass holders will be eligible for three exclusive NFT gifts as well as up to $1,000 in SAND. With or without the pass, gamers will be able to enjoy three full sessions as well as the Alpha HUB. 5,000 Alpha passes have been given and activated by Sandbox.

Read on to learn more about how to get Alpha Pass in Sandbox.

What is The Sandbox Alpha?

Sandbox Alpha

The Sandbox Alpha is a multi-week free P2E event that will begin on November 29 at 1 PM UTC and will allow players to enjoy The Sandbox virtual world through 18 experiences designed by The Sandbox’s crews.

It is an NFT pass that allows users to fully enjoy all 18 Alpha Season events while also earning up to 1,000 $SAND and 3 exclusive NFT goodies.

Players who do not have an Alpha Pass would still be able to enjoy three full experiences as well as the Alpha HUB, a core multiplayer experience featuring a variety of places and objectives, as well as the opportunity to connect with other members of our incredible community. They will, however, be unable to receive Play-to-Earn prizes.

What can I earn in The Alpha?

The Alpha

The people who own the Sandbox Alpha Pass can get a taste of the following things:

  • 1,000 SAND coins for finishing all the tasks and objectives of the Alpha.
  • 3 special The Sandbox Alpha NFTs (available during the event)

You must accomplish a series of tasks as well as the Alpha Season to be qualified for the rewards.

Now let’s move on to the main topic of this article: how to get Alpha Pass in Sandbox.

How can I get an Alpha Pass NFT?

You can get the Sandbox Alpha Pass by following these methods:

The Alpha Raffle (for LAND Owners only)

If you own LAND in the Sandbox, you will get the chance to win one out of the 1,000 Alpha Passes which are specially reserved for the VIPs. To get the chance of winning you must complete these following steps:

  • First and foremost you will have to be a LAND owner to be eligible for this pass.
  • Join the Alpha Raffle on The Sandbox webpage from Nov 22 at 13:00 UTC through Nov 28 at 13:00 UTC.
  • Every LAND you possess will increase your chances of winning. So, if you want to increase your chances of winning an Alpha Pass, now is the time to group all of your LANDS together!
  • The Alpha Passes will be distributed to the winners on Nov. 29, the first day of The Sandbox Alpha Season.

Purchase an Alpha Pass on OpenSea

The NFT may be sold on OpenSea by some Alpha Pass owners. If you go to OpenSea between Nov 29 and Dec 19th, you can see if that’s the situation. On OpenSea, the Sandbox team will not be releasing any Alpha Passes. Only if an Alpha Pass owner is ready to sell it may you buy one there.

Do not buy an Alpha Pass on OpenSea after Dec 20, 15:00 PM UTC, as the Alpha Season will be closed at that time, and you will no longer be eligible to claim the Pass’s Alpha Prizes.

Who can access the Alpha?

Who can access the Alpha?

Without an Alpha Pass, users will have entry to 3 Alpha experiences, and also the Alpha Hub – a central experience featuring a variety of activities, places, and objectives — as well as the opportunity to engage with other players from our incredible community.

Alpha Pass NFT holders, on the other hand, will have access to more than just these three activities, including our special Play-to-Earn prizes of 1000 $SAND and 3 NFTs, as well as 18 gaming sessions across the Alpha Map with the option to track their achievements.

Will Sandbox Organise a Second Alpha Pass Event?

Second Alpha Pass Event

In 2022, The Sandbox is planning another play-to-earn alpha event. To participate in the play-to-earn events, users will need an Alpha Pass NFT, but the team has vowed to give a lot more of them.

On Twitter, the Studio’s boss, Sebastien Borget, promised that the Alpha Season 2 is coming soon to The Sandbox. The P2E event, as per the promotional pitch, promises more experiences and incentives. In addition, The Sandbox will offer more Alpha Passes, and those who have already received one will be re-eligible for admission.

The Alpha Season 2 is still lacking details and schedules, but 2022 looks to be a huge year for the gaming-infused virtual environment. Apart from pop stars such as Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg possessing a presence in the gaming sector, consultancy firm PwC Hong Kong has also declared their participation. PwC intends to provide consulting services to businesses interested in dipping their toes into the metaverse.

The news that PwC has joined The Sandbox has boosted the price of the SAND token by 21% in the last 24 hours to $6.23. Due to good market sentiment, other metaverse currencies such as Decentraland’s MANA and Star Atlas’ ATLAS and POLIS currencies all saw a 14 to 15% increase.


The release of Sandbox Alpha was briefly unavailable, however, it was immediately restored. The Alpha Season ended on December 20. Due to play-to-earn limitations in Japan, users based there were not eligible to own an Alpha pass.

If you joined the raffle but didn’t even win an Alpha Pass, a pop-up message will appear following the draw to ensure you are not left in the dark.

With a limited number of Alpha Passes to distribute to a dynamic community of amazing artists, LAND Owners, and gamers, some people are sure to miss out.