How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft? Fixed!!!

How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft? Minecraft has swiftly grown in popularity since its release more than ten years ago. For the past ten years, the game has received updates, and each one raises the bar while also introducing fresh content. However, in a game this big and full of information, faults and technical issues are sure to happen. The majority of the time, this is true for PC players.

How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft? This article will help you learn how to fix error code 1 in Minecraft.

How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft – 5 Methods

How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft - 5 Methods

How to fix error code 1 in Minecraft? Check out the 5 simple methods below:

Method 1: Update Graphics Card Drivers

Find out if your graphics card drivers have been updated. This is one of the easiest ways for gamers to fix this error or any other error. Corporations like AMD and Nvidia routinely provide updates for their drivers. One of the many problems that can occur when playing Minecraft with an outdated graphics driver is the “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” error.

Method 2: Change the Java Executable Path

The player’s Java version may occasionally be the problem. This problem is brought on by a single character in Minecraft’s path to Java. Players should perform the following actions to change the java executable path:

  • Click Launch Options in the Minecraft launcher once it’s open.
  • Switch on the Java executable setting.
  • From here, users can change the path to the Java executable.
  • The Java filename will appear as “javaw.exe” on the path if there is a problem with Java. Java.exe must be substituted here.
  • When everything is done, click “Save.”

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Method 3: Disable Mods

Despite the fact that they significantly improve the game, mods are still third-party programs. Many times, some mods can obstruct the game’s connections or files, causing issues like “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” to appear. Furthermore, Mojang frequently publishes updated versions of Minecraft, which may make some mods incompatible and lead to issues and errors.

Method 4: Fix the Minecraft Launcher Path

Apparently, the Windows username of a player can sometimes be a factor in the “Game Ended with Bad State: Exit Code 1” issue. Players can attempt to fix this error when a Windows username contains a special character like an asterisk or an exclamation point.

After the game is closed, this must be accomplished by modifying the game’s launcher’s route to make sure it doesn’t contain a special character.

Method 5: Reinstall Java

reinstall java

This process will help in removing any damaged files and installing a new version of Java, which should resolve nearly all of their troubles. Users can delete Java from the “Apps & Features” box and then reinstall it by visiting the Oracle or Java website.

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