How to Find Treasure in Upland?

Upland is a Metaverse P2E game that was released in 2020. Mani, Dirk, and Idan, the game’s creators, have socialized it. Aside from that, UPX is the money required to acquire assets and make in-game transactions. Upland also features a unique feature that distinguishes it from other games in Metaverse, which is the immediate conversion of UPX into USD. How to find treasure in Upland? Continue reading to get the answer. 

If you’re new to Upland, UPX might be difficult to get. It’s simple to play after you figure out how to install UPX on Upland.  In this article, we will discuss how to find treasure in Upland.

What is Upland?

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Upland is a virtual property metaverse where you can own NFT parcels that are mapped to real-world locations. On this platform, users can buy, sell, and trade digital properties. This metaverse also allows digital landowners to earn UPX coins by constructing their ideal home or establishing a virtual business.

In this blockchain-based game, users can buy digital assets in-game with cryptocurrency (UPX) or real money. The UPX tokens, however, are nothing more than utility tokens. This means they can only be used in-game and cannot be uninstalled. Upland, on the other hand, provides a solution for gamers looking to benefit from the virtual world: “Property to USD.” Users can use this feature to sell virtual residences and products in exchange for UPX or fiat money.

Virtual assets can be purchased and traded by players from all over the world. These properties are digital duplicates of their real-world counterparts, with the placement of the property in Upland mirroring that of the real-world version. In addition, the scale of a property is considered. Upland lets people rebuild the world in a digital and unique metaverse.

Upland’s first city will be San Francisco, followed by a launch in New York City. On top of these capabilities, Upland will incorporate the option to truly extract cash from the game by trading NFTs for US Dollars. The game may be accessed using a browser on Windows, Android, and iOS.

How Does Upland Work?

A web browser or a dedicated app can be used to access the virtual world. Upland gives new clients a limited number of UPX for them to the game. They select a city and then proceed to the properties designated for new players. They can then choose to buy one of the original residences with their limited free funds, or they can invest in the program ($4.99 for 5,000 UPX) to raise their opening funds and buy better properties.

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Tutorials guide novice users through the procedure of earning more UPX when their property generates UPX against an on-platform timeframe. The goal is to learn how the virtual world works and collect 10,000 UPX to gain an Uplander level.

At the time, only 100 Uplanders have access to the property-to-USD feature. This figure will continue to rise in the future. Prospective real estate moguls may be interested in Upland. As soon as possible–before there is a digital construction boom in this virtual world.

How to Find Treasure in Upland?

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How to find treasure in Upland? Typical treasure hunts will spawn at your demand, but Limited and Exclusive treasure hunts will spawn quickly. When there are 5 minutes until respawn, the Treasures Menu will show a timer.

The purpose of a treasure hunt, once this is “active”, is to locate it. Treasure is unnoticed until it is uncovered. To find them, tap on any newly minted property in your explorer’s proximity and make sure the “Treasure” option is enabled in its menu. “Arrow hints” indicating the direction of the prize should be visible.

To get nearer, stumble from property to property. As you come closer, the size and color of the arrows will vary. The treasure will display as a red dot on a building once it is within your explorer’s viewing range. Get your explorer close enough to each other, and a window will appear, allowing you to collect your loot.

What is The Future for Upland? 

The epidemic altered the internet world, with more meets, weddings, and graduation ceremonies now taking place online. This latest fad has also encouraged major firms like Facebook, Epic Games, and Microsoft to establish their metaverses. As a result, as metaverses gain traction and enter the mainstream, Upland stands to gain significantly in the future. The worth of NFTs will almost probably climb as the game becomes more popular.

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Upland also has some ideas for NFT development. Besides real estate, they plan to incorporate NFTs into the game that simulates real-world situations. Virtual automobiles, stores, and collectible cards are a few examples. In addition, much like in real life, players can build real estate and expand rural areas within the game. Marketers will also be able to replicate their services from realism into Upland’s virtual world. Upland’s estate NFTs are currently primarily located in the United States.

As a result, Upland intends to adopt a franchise business strategy in which NFT-based properties from all around the world will be offered within the game. Market conditions in both the virtual and physical worlds will determine property values in Upland. trade cryptocurrencies with 100x leverage In the coming years, Upland plans to make the NFTs transferrable to other blockchains.

Governance decisions will become more decentralized as the in-game money and ecology grow. Moreover, Upland intends to improve its API only for third-party coders to provide consumers with a better gaming experience.


Upland is a videogame in which players acquire NFT-based properties that are linked to real-world locations. The volume of NFTs available is limited due to a shortage of real-world locales. Users in Upland can access these virtual properties by using fiat money to purchase the native UPX token. Several things determine the value of in-game NFTs. This covered UPX liquidity, actual market conditions, and property availability.