How to find Cocoa Beans in Minecraft?

How to find Cocoa Beans in Minecraft? The reason why players want cocoa beans is that it has multiple uses in the game. Such as it can be used for making cookies which can be used as a source of food, you can dye wool and other items, and also can be used for taming and breeding parrots. So how to find cocoa beans in Minecraft to use them for your benefit, here’s a quick guide.

How to find Cocoa Beans in Minecraft?

How to find cocoa beans in Minecraft

If you are thinking it’s going to be very tough to find cocoa beans in the world of Minecraft, you can be wrong here. As you can easily find them in jungle biomes, they will be growing on the sides of jungle trees. So all you need to do is, simply look around for large trees with brown spots on the trunk, and you can climb up and break the brown spots by using your hands, or else you can use tools to collect them.

Another way to get cocoa beans is fishing, yes it sounds a little fishy but it is the way. By fishing with a fishing rod, you can obtain cocoa beans, as there is a probability that you can catch cocoa beans as one of the items in your catch.

These are the places where you can find cocoa beans in Minecraft. So try your luck!

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Since you know how to find cocoa beans in Minecraft, you can simply go for a hunt and check out these areas. Also depending on your set of skills and luck, you might find them faster, but to find out that you need to start exploring first. So go hunt your cocoa beans and take all its benefits.

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Are cocoa beans rare in Minecraft?

Cocoa beans are not that rare in the world of Minecraft. As you can spot them out in jungle biomes, on sides of jungle tree trunks. However, you need to keep a note, that cocoa beans are not renewable in the game, which means that once you have collected all the cocoa beans in a specific jungle biome.

You will have to find another jungle biome or you can search for other sources of food or dye because the ultimate goal is to look for cocoa beans.