How to equip spells Elden Ring?

How to equip spells Elden Ring? Players in Elden Ring will have access to potent forms of Magic, spellcasting, and sorcery, but they won’t be able to utilise them without some preparation. The magical elements of Elden Ring are, in many cases, your best bet against the game’s various foes.

Finding the desired spells is the first order of business for players. You can either buy them from other wizards and sorcerers, find them throughout your travels, or receive them as rewards for completing specific tasks. As long as you keep playing and looking around, it would help if you discovered lots of spells.

How to equip Spells Elden Ring?

How to equip Sorcery Spells and Magic

To utilize the spells you want, you’ll need to spend a memory slot relaxing at a Site of Grace. To memorize a spell, choose the “Memorize spell” option, then the desired slot, and finally, the Spell. This is the case, indeed. You can use your FP pool to cast spells if you have the required stats, a Staff or Sacred Seal as a weapon, and know the appropriate incantations. This was all about how to equip spells Elden Ring.

How to equip new spells in the Elden Ring?

How to equip new spells in the Elden Ring

How to equip spells Elden Ring? The use of Magic in Elden Ring can be thought of in two distinct ways. To cast a spell, you must first acquire it through a quest, discover it in the environment, or buy it from a vendor who is familiar with Magic. 

  • It is possible to buy spells and incantations from various sellers.
  • Visit a Holy Ground and select the Memorize Spells option from the menu. Confirm your choice of which spells to equip by checking the boxes next to them. A more significant number of spells can be provided with the help of Memory Stones, which can be acquired by completing various tasks.
  • Cast the spells you’ve chosen within Elden Ring. Sorcery, for example, requires a staff, which must be equipped in an armament slot. While the Astrologer’s starting weapon is a staff, you can also find them among the loot of defeated foes.

Following these steps, you’ll have enough spell slots to equip two distinct spells right away, and more can be unlocked with Memory Stones. These are scarce goods that can be uncovered in the wild or purchased from select dealers.

Now that you know how to use Sorcery spells and Magic in Elden Ring, save your progress and discover additional weapon improvements by checking out our guide wiki.

How to equip different spells in Elden Ring?

How to equip different spells in Elden Ring

Sorcery and incantation are two types of Magic in Elden Ring. Either Sorcery or Incantation can call upon the Dark Arts’ most potent ability. There are three possible roles: offensive, defensive, and supportive. You will lose FP whenever you cast a spell that requires Sorcery or Incantation. If you have enough FP, you can guarantee that you can use that Spell. They’re very similar. However, they each have their specific requirements. Sorcery spells require the use of a Staff. Incantation Spells require the use of Sacred Seals.

How to equip spells Elden Ring? A player needs a specific skill set and level to use each form of Magic. The Intelligence statistic is used for sorcery, whereas the Faith statistic is employed for incantation. Strengthening these characteristics will increase the destructive power of your spells. Keep an eye on your Mind and Arcane scores as well. Your FP is represented by the Mind Stat bar; the higher it is, the more FP you have. The use of arcane is rare, however, there are a few Spells that rely on it.

You need the Staff or Sacred Seal to cast a Magic Spell in Elden Ring. Then, you’ll need to recall a Spell from your mind’s eye and use it in an attack fashion, much like you would with a sword. You must visit a Site of Grace and engage it to equip a Spell. The “Memorize Spells” option should be accessible from the main menu. A menu with your available Spells and Incantations will pop up when you click it. You must keep track of your Stats and FP, as a significant drop after a certain point will prevent you from using Magic in Elden Ring.


Challenge is what you can expect from Elden Ring. How to equip spells Elden Ring? Sometimes it’s tough to cope with the enemies and the higher-ups. It’s not always possible to rely on traditional physical weapons. Don’t Panic, as the player has access to Magic in this game. Magic is a distinct style of fighting that can be combined with other methods. But then the issue of how to put Magic to use emerges. This spell-casting business seems to be broken.

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