How to Earn UPX in Upland?

Upland’s official in-game money is called UPX. It’s a cryptocurrency, and 1000 UPX is roughly equal to 1 USD as of the day this article is published. Players use this currency to buy, sell, and trade properties with other players. You also get an interest in the properties you own. 

As mentioned UPX is the official in-game currency of the game and you will need UPX for pretty much everything you do on Upland. The question of the hour is how to earn UPX in Upland and can you get USD in Upland?

The guide includes all the key points to let you know how to earn UPX in Upland and yield maximum benefits out of the game. Also, you would get to know how to get the “Uplander” status in Upland.

Each property will be of some value (UPX). These are all real-world properties with real addresses but in a virtual space.  How to earn UPX in Upland? Read on to learn more.

How to Earn UPX in Upland?

upx in upland

How to earn UPX in Upland? UPX is the in-game currency of Upland. All the trading, renting, and selling are done in this currency within the game. UPX is not the money but might be someday it will. There are several days when you can earn more UPX without having to buy it with real money. 

  • After every three hours pass, you get paid a small interest on your property which amounts to 17% per year. Luckily, you don’t have to run immediately to the property to collect the money, it will get all piled up and you can collect anytime.
  • Daily bonuses, are particularly the best thing to get you extra UPX every day you login in and play. Also, it increases per day if you login in a row.
  • One of the other ways is you can also go treasure hunting, which can be a  bit difficult activity. To acquire hints on where the treasure is, you must utilize the properties you own or that your explorer is on.
  • You also earn UPX when you put your properties up for sale and someone pays more than you paid for them, and it’s enjoyable to create and explore new properties.
  • When you refer people to Upland, you earn a 50% bonus on their first purchase of UPX.
  • When you accomplish a Collection, the yield on all of the properties in that collection rises, and you receive a one-time bonus. The collections might be as simple as owning one property or having properties on the same street or in the same town, and they can boost the income by 10% to 300%. As a welcome bonus, you’ll receive 3,000 UPX right away. All UPX transactions are registered on the EOS blockchain after you gain Uplander status, which is earned by collecting a net worth of 10,000+ UPX. Up until that point, players are called Visitors, and they must become Uplanders to possess their UPX and property NFTs. 

How to See Which Land is for Sale?

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Property Trading is the focus of the game. Except for the fact that it is in a virtual realm, the virtual properties are real-life addresses, and everything feels pragmatic. You can begin your voyage in Fresno or Brooklyn if you are a starter. Let’s take a look at how to acquire real estate in Upland.

You can’t buy or see all the shades of color unless your explorer is close to those plots, which is where the explorer comes in. If he isn’t close enough, the light green plots available for purchase will seem grey or white. 

There are also FSA lots available for players with a UPX net worth of less than $100,000. There are certain limits on the selling of those lots, however, they may be less expensive than other lots. 

You can also click on the explorer icon, which will bring up a small calculator-like device in the bottom middle that you can click to see all the properties for sale in his range that can be stamped yours.

When you click on a property, a street view button appears, which displays a Google street view of the property in real life.

How Do You Get Uplander Status in Upland?

uplander status

When you start with the game, you will get down as a ‘Visitor’. To reach the status of an ‘Uplander’ and enjoy the real fun of the game, you will have to rack up a sum of 10k UPX. 

After you achieve Uplander status, which is obtained by amassing a net worth of 10,000+ UPX, all UPX transactions are recorded on the EOS blockchain.

Players are known as Visitors until that time, and they must become Uplanders to keep their UPX and property NFTs.

The other important thing to keep in consideration is that you will have to renew your Upland Visa at least once every seven days. This keeps control of your digital assets The number of times the Upland Visa can be renewed is unlimited.

In any circumstance, if you fail to do so within seven days, an additional one-day grace period will be given. The visitor’s assets will be recycled back if the visa is not renewed within the time limitation.


Now you know how to earn UPX, pretty simple! Just log in weekly, and complete daily bonuses and treasure hunts. There are several other ways too by which you can earn UPX. 

Though the Uplander status is quite difficult to get but as soon as you rack up the required sum, you will be the Uplander! The NFT-to-USD program will be automatically enabled for all players who reach the rank of Uplander.

Moreover, remember to renew your Visa once every week so that you don’t lose your progress in the game. Good Luck with the game!