Upland NFT: How to Play Upland and Earn NFTs?

Upland is a game in which you purchase pieces of land based on real-world plots of land. You may not only buy land plots, but you can also make a return on those plots, much like a real-life rental property. 

Confused about how to play Upland and earn NFTs out of it so that you yield maximum benefits. Continue reading to know in detail about metaverse gaming and how to earn Upland NFTs in it. Moreover, this guide will ease all your queries related to Upland so that you can develop a strategy to win good returns!

Upland is not a fast-paced, action-packed game. It is more purposeful, with the approach and plan being the most important aspects. 

You start by making an “explorer” character who goes about Upland. You get to select the city you want to start in, and then you just stroll about and look at the different properties to see which one you want to buy and trade for.

Continue reading to know how you can earn Upland NFT, how to play this property trading game, and other same concerns.

What is Upland?


Based on the original price established by Upland and paid out in UPX, each piece of land earns a 17 percent profit. You may also sell your property once you purchase it or raise your profits via collecting. 

You may also sell your property once you’ve purchased it or use collecting to increase your income. You may even build buildings or flats on your land using spark. Upland has real estate for sale in several locations around the United States.

Your journey begins in San Francisco in the most recent beta version of the game. You’ll be able to acquire land, erect structures, customize them with your tastes, and trade them as you see fit. All of this earns you UPX, the game’s in-game cash, as well as “Spark,” a completely new resource token.

With spark and spark hours, you can even construct houses or flats on your property or do so as you want on your assets. In the United States, Upland has distinct cities where you may buy houses.

You have actual ownership in the form of cryptocurrency token digital assets.

What is UPX?

what is upx

Upland’s official in-game money is called UPX. It’s a cryptocurrency, and 1000 UPX is roughly equal to 1 USD.

Players use this currency to buy, sell, and trade properties with other players. You also get an interest in the properties you own. These are all real-world properties with real addresses but in a virtual space. Each property will be of some value (UPX).

As a welcome bonus, you’ll receive 3,000 UPX right away. All UPX transactions are registered on the EOS blockchain after you gain Uplander status, which is earned by collecting a net worth of 10,000+ UPX.

Up until that point, players are called Visitors, and they must become Uplanders to possess their UPX and property NFTs.

How to Earn UPX in Upland?

UPX is the in-game currency of Upland. All the trading, renting, and selling are done in this currency within the game. UPX is not the money but might be someday it will. There are several days when you can earn more UPX without having to buy it with real money. 

This amazing new game completely changes the way you think about digital property ownership.  Players can witness the creation of the world’s first digital economy through construction, building, and other in-game businesses.

What is Upland NFT?

upland nft

NFTs are cryptographic tokens that are not interchangeable and are utilized for digital ownership, digital scarcity, and multiplatform asset interoperability. Upland NFTs are awards given to you for your achievements in Upland. 

They, along with Hero Zero and Tasty Tale NFTs, help you progress on the platform by drawing on the game’s distinctive look and content.

The Upland NFTs are grouped into five rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic

There are five distinct Upland NFTs in each rarity category, for a total of 25 different Upland NFTs to acquire.

Your NFTs may be viewed under the Assets menu, which is accessible from the main menu.

How Do You Get NFT on Upland?

When you spend UPX in the game’s primary market, you can get Upland NFTs. This means that every time you buy something from the game, such as a property with no prior owners, a transportation ticket, a treasure box, and so on, your purchase will contribute to your mission progress. It’s important to note that only the actual UPX spent counts, not the Wombucks earned.

The following UPX expenditure milestones may result in an Upland NFT reward:

  • 10,000 UPX 
  • 20,000 UPX 
  • 30,000 UPX 
  • 40,000 UPX 
  • 50,000 UPX 
  • 100,000 UPX 
  • 250,000 UPX 
  • 500,000 UPX 

These limits aren’t cumulative. If you spend 10,000 UPX on a mission and then went on to the next Upland NFT task, you will start with 0 UPX, not 10,000.

Does Upland Have a Cryptocurrency?

Despite all the facts, UPX is not a cryptocurrency. The currency is solely a utility token used in-game to buy NFTs, despite its existence on the blockchain. 

Most important to note that UPX can only be traded within the Upland ecosystem. However, all in-game NFTs are marketable.

Earning Upland NFT with UPX

UPX is not traded outside of the game, but that is not the case with NFTs.  Players will be able to transfer their assets to other planets of the metaverse solar system, blockchains, and ecosystems via the future NFT Portal. 

Players may buy unique NFTs on the Upland marketplace and then sell them on a decentralized marketplace like OpenSea or Rarible. Future Metaventures will allow all NFTs to be traded within the game.  

Within the Upland ecosystem, property NFTs are already fully transferable (for UPX or USD), and support for more NFT kinds will be added soon.


In terms of NFTs, Upland sold one of theirs for USD 23,000 last year. When the game grows more popular, the price of NFTs is expected to rise. 

Furthermore, Upland has many NFT development ambitions. Aside from real estate, Upland has several NFT development plans. They intend to include NFTs in the game that resembles real-world things. 

In Upland, players gain properties based on NFTs that are linked to real-world locales. Due to a lack of real-world addresses, the number of NFTs available is restricted. 

Players can buy the native UPX token with fiat money to obtain these virtual properties. The price of in-game NFTs is influenced by many factors. These factors include UPX liquidity, real-world market circumstances, and property availability.