How to Earn My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice has risen to prominence as one of the most anticipated virtual worlds, and the developers have now revealed how to play and earn in this game. The game’s play-to-earn economy revolves around supplying resources and doing chores that other players don’t want to do. But now the question is How to earn my Neighbor Alice? Well, jumping right to the process of earning, let’s first understand what this NFT-based game is. 

Since the fourth quarter of 2021, the much-touted storm of NFTs and Play-to-Earn has piqued interest in every corner of the globe. A new generation of gamers may have fun in virtual worlds while earning money at home using digital tokens, also known as “cryptocurrencies.” Today, we’re introducing My Neighbor Alice, a popular NFT game that includes an ALICE coin (ALICE). You must be thinking if this is a play-to-earn how to earn my neighbor Alice? 

Read ahead and let’s discuss.

What exactly is My Neighbor Alice? 

My Neighbor Alice was created by Antler Interactive, a game firm noted for its Virtual Reality (VR) breakthroughs such as Survive: The Deus Helix and Kartong. In addition, the studio is working with Augmented Reality to take gaming to a new level of quality. Antler Interactive uses the Chromia platform to enable advanced blockchain and in-game DeFi features in My Neighbor Alice. 

Multiple players can also interact with their neighbors, participate in enjoyable daily activities, and receive rewards. To join the My Neighbor Alice world, you must buy land and participate in activities such as insect harvesting, fishing, farming, and beekeeping. Activities shared missions, and competitions help players advance throughout the game.  

Different in-game NFTs of buildings, plants, trees, flowers, and animals can be utilized to design and decorate players’ territory. In-game features such as a Game Builder and an NFT Creator allow players to modify their game experience and play around with the landscape.

Players can purchase and sell various game products and NFTs on an in-game marketplace. Furthermore, users can customize their game characters with avatars and interact with one another in an on-chain forum. In the game, a progressive reputation system motivates players to increase their standing to obtain access to special events and NFTs.

What exactly is My Neighbor Alice


How to earn my neighbor alice?

Players who own land in My Neighbor Alice can cultivate crops and sell them to other players. Planting and growing should be a pleasant and comfortable process, according to the creators. However, you may also rent out your land and allow someone else take care of those resources. Additionally, there will be creatures with crafting prowess. As an illustration, if you harvest cotton from your field, some animals will assist you in spinning it into thread. Other animals may weave it into a fabric, and so on.

You may swap, of course. Transport resources from one place to another while attempting to turn a profit. Players can even hire their pets to other players.

Created things can also seem quite cool, therefore you could become a tshirt designer and make a living from attractive clothing. That’s How to earn my neighbor alice irrespective of your level in the game. 

The developers’ most intriguing point was that the game contains its own Craigslist. Landowners can post a job, allowing other players to execute the activity in exchange for a reward. Landowners can then let other players to feed the animals or harvest crops. 

How does My Neighbor Alice work?

Alice’s world is made up of a large number of islands that are divided into land plots. These land plots are all represented by NFTs, which users can use to personalize their in-game property, create a new patch, change the topography, and add decorations. The game contains a storyline that players can follow to perform tasks and advance through the game.

The land supply available to players is limited, which helps to regulate the value of the NFTs. In Alice’s universe, the rarity and scarcity of the assets they represent also influence the price and worth of NFTs. Users can also create their assets and set their supply levels. 

Players can play the game on Steam, and the retail version is available since January 2022, when ALICE’s value is expected to skyrocket. The game is free to play, but users must pay transaction fees when purchasing and selling non-fungible assets (NFTs), such as land.

Users can utilize the lending system and borrow NFTs in addition to playing the game. Lenders can earn a profit based on their loans, allowing them to supplement their income in Alice’s society. We hope that now you know how My Neighbor Alice works. 

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain game that allows users to engage, communicate, and mingle with other users and players, enhancing the entire gaming experience. It’s an open-world game, which means players can explore Alice’s environment indefinitely and create their avatars.

Alice’s world consists of many islands that are separated into pieces of land plots. These land plots are all represented by NFTs, allowing users to buy and sell them as well as alter their in-game property, create another patch, customize the topography, and add decorations. The game contains a narrative that gamers can follow to fulfill various tasks and progress through the game. How that you know the important questions like How to earn my neighbor alice or How does My Neighbor Alice work, let’s move on to know about the game’s native token.

how does my neighbor alice work


What is My Neighbor Alice Token?

ALICE is a native coin of my Neighbor Alice. This is an ERC-20 token that users can use to purchase certain elements in the game. To secure its network, Alice employs proof-of-work (POW). You can buy in-game goods, lands, and avatar skins with ALICE. You can participate in the governance process as an ALICE token holder through the community council. It is operated by making suggestions for changes, voting on them, and agreeing on the budget. The council also makes choices about revenue distribution, game creation, and expansion. You can also utilize these tokens to gain staking incentives, thereby supporting the ecosystem.

What Is the ALICE Token

Alice tokens can be earned by participating in in-game tasks, events, and competitions. You may play, invest, and be a part of the game by using the token. You can also make use of gamified finance features such as rentals and NFT collateral.


The mix of smart contracts, NFTs, and entertaining components in the form of games is one of the most alluring uses of blockchain technology. It’s a big, untapped market that is currently still in its infancy. We hope now you have a fair idea of How does My Neighbor Alice work and how to earn my Neighbor Alice. 

If the current trend of increasing NFT popularity continues, My Neighbor Alice could rank among the most well-known blockchain-based projects worldwide. Is ALICE coin a wise investment, then?

Many NFT specialists believe that ALICE is a good long-term investment since the My Neighbor Alice game is unique among blockchain-based games that use NFTs. 

But because the cryptocurrency market is more volatile, you should always proceed with caution and due diligence before investing in any assets.