How to Earn a Ballon dOr Award in BitLife?

How to Earn a Ballon dOr Award in BitLife? BitLife, the popular life simulation game, allows you to experience the thrill of reaching the pinnacle of athletic achievement by earning the prestigious Ballon d’Or Award. In this virtual world, your journey to becoming a soccer legend is an exciting and challenging one. This guide will show you the path to success, step by step, on how to get the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife.

How to Earn a Ballon dOr Award in BitLife?

How to Earn a Ballon dOr Award in BitLife? Check out the steps below:

  1. Choose Your Nationality: To increase your chances of winning the Ballon d’Or, start by selecting Spain as your nationality when creating your character. The award is typically bestowed upon Spanish players, so living within the country from the beginning is advantageous. Alternatively, you can choose to immigrate to Spain later in life once you’ve achieved professional soccer player status.
  2. Join the School Soccer Team: Your journey to the Ballon d’Or begins at school. As soon as you have the opportunity to try out for the soccer team, go for it. Strive to become the team captain by practicing and working out diligently in a single turn. Maintain good grades as they are crucial for attending university, and remember to stay away from drugs, as your coach will conduct periodic drug tests.
  3. Become a Professional Soccer Player: After graduating from high school, you’ll be offered the opportunity to join professional soccer teams if you’ve maintained your practice and fitness. If not, don’t worry; you can still achieve your dream by selecting ‘Pro Athlete’ under Special Careers. Once you’re accepted into the league, your journey to stardom begins. Just remember to steer clear of performance-enhancing drugs, as using them will disqualify you.
  4. Winning Championships: To qualify for the Ballon d’Or Award, you need to win at least three championships. Continue training and practicing hard to increase your skills and get traded to a top-tier team. Winning championships is your key to achieving your ultimate goal. After the third championship victory, each subsequent championship presents an opportunity to earn the Ballon d’Or, though success is not guaranteed and still relies on chance.


Earning the Ballon d’Or Award in BitLife is a remarkable achievement, and with dedication and perseverance, you can make it happen. Practice, train, and stay away from drugs to increase your chances. If you don’t win the award in your first attempt, keep at it and continue your journey towards soccer stardom. BitLife offers countless opportunities and paths for your virtual character to explore, and the Ballon d’Or is one of the most coveted accomplishments in the game. So, go ahead, start your journey, and make your virtual character a soccer legend. Good luck!