How to duplicate Weapons in Elden Ring?

How to duplicate Weapons in Elden Ring? A wide variety of enjoyable builds and load-outs are available in Elden Ring. However, item duplication may be required for players who wish to pursue a certain aesthetic or gear set.

Most weapons in Elden Ring have a one-use limit. There are, however, a few methods to obtain numerous instances of the same weapon without resorting to exploits or bugs that could get players banned. Learn all about them in this article.

How to duplicate Weapons in Elden Ring?

How to duplicate weapons Elden Ring

Tantaressia is the setting for Elden Ring, a real-time fantasy role-playing adventure. Your chance has come to go on an adventure, either solo or with a group. Each individual pursues their end in life and takes extraordinary measures to get there. Elden Ring’s duplicate weapon mechanism is an innovative new feature worth highlighting.

Duplicate weapons are available for use in the Elden Ring. Some weapons can be obtained several times, including the Elden Ring, Greatsword, and Moonveil from the Best Faith Weapons set.

If you’re intent on acquiring these weapons without resorting to exploits, you may always ask a friend for help. First, you must enter your friend’s realm as an allying ghost rather than a menacing one. Then you could have your ally put the weapon down so you could pick it up and bring it back to your world. But now your pal can’t use the firearm in self-defense.

It is crucial to select “Leave” rather than “Discard” while dropping a weapon that a friend is currently using. This is because if you choose option two, the weapon will be permanently removed. However, if you find a way to obtain a similar weapon, you can put it to good use in the making process.

How to duplicate Weapons in the PC Version of Elden Ring?

Data for Steam games are stored in C: Program FilesSteamuserdata; make a copy of your files elsewhere as a precaution. Convince your companion to join you, and have him put down his weapon.

Acquire the weapon.

After you’ve saved your game and quit, you can load it again. Loading the game is as simple as moving your previous save file to the place specified. These actions may be repeated indefinitely, with the person who drops and picks up the things trading places with each turn. Duplicate weapons can be obtained in this manner.

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How to acquire a weapon in Elden Ring on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Elden Ring Mirror Arsenals

Go to Preferences and select the Data Management Save option.

To use this flaw, go to your saved files, click the Cloud storage icon, and then upload your save.

Convince your companion to join you, and have him put down his weapon.

Acquire the weapon.

After you’ve saved your game and quit, you can load it again. Navigate to “Saved Data Management” under “Settings” to access and retrieve your saved data. All the procedures above can be done repeatedly, with the order of who drops and picks up the goods alternating each time.

Duplicate Boss Weapon

It is possible to obtain extra copies of boss weaponry in Elden Ring. In contrast, the Elden Ring team would like all players to have access to the same boss weaponry to devote their time and energy to taking down the game’s most formidable foes and leveling up.

Players need to track down the massive Walking Mausoleums that may be spotted in specific areas if they want to replicate the boss weaponry they use. When a player defeats a boss in the main mausoleum, they will receive a Remembrance item. Please keep the object of Remembrance safe until you may return it to Enia at the Roundtable. You can only utilize Walking Mausoleums once to make a copy of your weapons.

Many gamers have complained that there aren’t enough weapons for the bosses in Elden Ring. Many players still need help to obtain duplicate boss weapons despite fighting bosses multiple times. The Elden Ring is dangerous, and the same boss weapons are indeed uncommon there.


Remembering something at Elden Ring is easy, but you can only do it for a while. The first task is to find the Walking Mausoleums, which can be recognized by their gigantic “land turtle” appearance and the bells often found underneath them. Several of these monsters spread out around the Elden Ring map, but the first one most players will run against is in the open area west of the Weeping Peninsula. The above map pinpoints your exact position.

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