How to dodge Melania in Elden Ring?

How to dodge Melania in Elden Ring? Malenia is an extremely difficult enemy in the game Elden Ring, which is already known for its tough challenges. If you’re having trouble, here’s a guide on how to dodge Malenia in Elden Ring. She’s the terrifying foe that every player fears in the game’s world called The Lands Between, and it’s no wonder why. Malenia is considered one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring. Some players have become legendary for defeating her alone, and getting stuck against this powerful opponent can be a frustrating and discouraging experience. 

In this post, you will learn how to dodge Melania in Elden Ring.

How to dodge Melania in Elden Ring?

Melania in Elden Ring

Let’s learn how to dodge Melania in Elden Ring. To dodge Malenia in Elden Ring, you need to understand her moves and execute the appropriate counters. Here’s a breakdown of her notable moves and how to beat them:

Phase 1

Grab: When Malenia stretches out her left hand before dashing in for a grab, roll the moment you see her hand come out to evade the attack.

Spinning Slash: Malenia does a small hop and twirls before attacking with her sword. Dodge to the left before the blade hits you. If you want to parry this move, hold directly back on your joystick and input the parry when her sword is directly behind her model.

Kick + Quick Slash: Malenia lunges forward and kicks. Afterward, she may follow up with an attack from her sword or a grab. Don’t parry the kick; instead, block it or dodge through it.

Rapid Slashes: Malenia’s hand will spark, followed by her dashing forward and slashing three times. She will then pause briefly and slash one more time. Do not dodge backward. Instead, dodge diagonally toward her and to your left. If you are attempting a parry, start your parry the moment you see the sparks.

Uppercut: Malenia will slash upward, wait for a bit, and then slash downward. To dodge this move, position yourself about a dodge roll away from her and move to the left or right. Use the time she takes to perform this move to heal and cast buffs.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, Malenia retains her Phase 1 attacks but also introduces a few additional moves:

Scarlet Aeonia: Malenia flies into the air, wraps herself in large glowing flower petals, and charges toward the player. If you are close to her, run underneath her to avoid the attack. If you are far away, start moving to her left or right and dodge the moment she charges toward you. After she lands, sprint away to avoid the subsequent explosion.

Summon Phantoms: Malenia summons 4 phantoms to attack you. The final two phantoms will attack twice, after which Malenia herself will perform a sword thrust. To dodge this sequence, you need to dodge diagonally backward across each phantom in a zig-zag pattern, starting with a dodge to your left. Aim to end each dodge on the opposite side of the phantom attacking you. Finally, dodge to the left to avoid the final phantom’s attack and then dodge to the left again to avoid Malenia’s lunge.

Flying Slam/Slash: Malenia flies upward and either slams her sword downward to create an explosion or lands and slashes in front of her. Differentiating this move from Waterfowl Dance is crucial. Malenia will only perform Waterfowl Dance if her wings twirl as she flies upward.

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