How to disable Messenger on Oculus Quest 2?

Wondering how to disable messenger on Oculus Quest 2? There has been a built-in microphone on each of Meta Quest’s headsets for some time now, allowing users to chat and make voice calls.

Using parties, you can easily coordinate activities in VR with all of your friends, such as playing cooperative games, watching live events, or even just hanging out in Horizon World. With this calling system, you can only call people who also have a Meta headset, keeping conversations strictly virtual.

You can easily disable Messenger from a single window by pressing the “Spaces” button, selecting “Settings,” and then clicking “Logout.” It is not necessary to disable the messenger as long as the notifications are not interrupting your gaming. 

If you would still like to learn more about how to disable Messenger on Oculus Quest 2, then read on!

How to disable Messenger on Oculus Quest 2??

How To Disable Messenger On Oculus Quest 2

The steps to disabling Messenger on Oculus Quest 2 are as follows:

  • Start with opening the Messenger window.
  • You can then select settings by clicking on the gear in the lower-left corner
  • Now log out of the Quest Messenger by clicking on it.

Although it’s not required, you can disable notifications on Messenger to prevent interruptions. Just note that even though Messenger in VR is an option, it can not fully replace Oculus communication methods. 

Learn how to disable Messenger on Oculus Quest 2 with this quick video

Meta is working on the voice call for Messenger, which will allow verbal communication as well. Until then, Quest 2 owners can only avoid using text-to-speech or typing with Parties.

Using Facebook Messenger to chat with friends on Oculus Quest

  • Press the Oculus button on your right controller to bring up the Universal menu.
  • Now click on the people icon.
  • On the left sidebar, click on messenger to access your current conversations. There you can send a text just like you normally would on your PC or phone.

Using Facebook Messenger to call friends on Oculus Quest

If you’d rather call your friends through Messenger than just chat through chat, the process is slightly more complicated. There’s no VR mode for creating calls yet, but there’s a way to make one happen without any special tools or apps.

Your Quest 2 headset can easily be used to make phone calls to your friends, just follow the steps below.

  • To bring the Universal menu, press the Oculus button.
  • Click on the People icon; it’ll be located in the middle.
  • Now choose a friend that you want to call and select the Party option.


If you’re using the Oculus Quest 2 and concerned about battery drain, disabling Messenger may be helpful. By preventing notifications from filling up your headset, especially at inopportune times, you can maximise your battery life. 

Additionally, if you’re concerned about privacy issues or just don’t want to deal with constant notifications on your headset, disabling Messenger may be helpful.