How to Complete the Deliverance Challenge in BitLife?

How to Complete the Deliverance Challenge in BitLife? The Deliverance Challenge in BitLife is here to celebrate the release of the Landlord expansion pack, offering players an exciting opportunity to live the life of a Southerner who rents out trailers while mastering the art of playing the banjo. This challenge, which began on April 8, 2023, presents a unique and engaging experience for BitLife enthusiasts. 

How to Complete the Deliverance Challenge in BitLife?

How to Complete the Deliverance Challenge in BitLife? To successfully complete the Deliverance Challenge, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the Landlord Expansion Pack: Before embarking on the challenge, make sure to acquire BitLife’s Landlord Expansion Pack. Note that these special careers are not part of Boss Mode and must be purchased separately, requiring real money.
  2. Create a Male Character in Louisiana and Master the Banjo: Once you have the Landlord pack, start by creating a male character hailing from Louisiana, a crucial aspect of this challenge. Ensure that you select New Orleans as your character’s place of birth since progress in cities outside of Louisiana won’t count. Consider choosing a character with a musical special talent. While not mandatory, it will prove beneficial for mastering the banjo. You’ll know if your character possesses this talent if a music note appears beside their name on the age-up screen.

Once your character turns eight years old, navigate to Activities, Mind & Body, and select instruments. Locate the banjo and commence practicing. Continue practicing the banjo throughout your character’s life until the skill bar is maxed out, indicating mastery. Keep in mind that lessons become costly after the character turns eighteen, so it’s best to start early.

  1. Upgrade and Rent Out Trailers to Tenants: Upon reaching the age of eighteen, begin the process of purchasing and upgrading properties. Visit Activities, choose shopping, and enter Real Estate stores. Acquire at least ten trailers and enhance them with various amenities to increase their value. To upgrade properties, go to Assets, Properties, and Upgrade. Boosting the value of your trailers is helpful, although it’s not a primary concern for this challenge. Ensure that at least one of your ten trailers features a gun rack, as this is a key feature that attracts tenants.

To find tenants for your trailers, return to the property menu, choose rent, and set your monthly rent and policies for five of the trailers. Find suitable tenants for each of these five trailers, including the one with the gun rack. No need to repeat this process ten times; five will suffice.

  1. Affording the Upgrades: To finance these upgrades and rentals, your character may need to secure a stable income through a full-time job, leverage their banjo skills to become a famous musician, marry a wealthy partner, or, depending on your character’s lifestyle, explore other methods, including criminal activities.


Upon successfully completing the final task of the Deliverance Challenge, you’ll have accomplished this unique BitLife challenge and can enjoy the rewards and satisfaction of your in-game achievements. Get ready for an exciting journey filled with banjo melodies and property management in the heart of the South!