How to cheese Malenia in Elden Ring?

How to cheese Malenia in Elden Ring? Beating Malenia, Blade of Miquella has become a rite of passage for members of the Elden Ring. To defeat her, players will need to be extremely well-prepared, have a lot of luck, or use a co-op summon like “Let Me Solo Her,” as she is the game’s most challenging boss and one of the most difficult tasks in any FromSoftware game.

Some gamers, however, have figured out alternate strategies for defeating her. Players employing the Crucible Horns witchcraft, a charge ability that knocked the boss out of the air every time she went for Waterfowl Dance, are one example of a Malenia tactic. This article will guide you completely about how to cheese Malenia in the Elden Ring.

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How to cheese Malenia in Elden Ring?

How to cheese Malenia Elden Ring

The Blade of Miquella is a challenging boss in Elden Ring because of her ability to heal herself while dealing massive damage to the player with her lifesteal katana attacks and Scarlet Rot assaults as the Goddess of Rot. Malenia may not have a lot of health points, but that is negligible because she heals a significant amount with each hit. The weaknesses, techniques, tips, cheese methods, and rewards for defeating Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and Goddess of Rot may be found in our guide below.

Malenia is best played at level 120, ideally 125+, using weapons of level +23 or above. No one can be too high-leveled for this encounter.

Malenia’s brutality and relentless aggression are, surprisingly enough, best met with even more aggression. Force the Blade of Miquella with your torrent of assaults, and she’ll have less time to hit back at you and replenish life. 

When she shifts into her second phase and becomes the horrible, graceful Goddess of Rot, things become more complicated since she retains many of her previous strengths while also gaining new ones, and she switches to a ranged style of battle that is more difficult to counter. The good news is that there are strategies for overcoming this and successfully taking her down. Both pre-battle and in-battle procedures are covered below. Weapons, status conditions, and the element of Fire all significantly damage Malenia.

How to cheese Malenia Elden Ring

Among all status effects, Malenia is weakest to Fire and has moderate resistance to Bleed. This fits in nicely with the aggressive tactics we’ll discuss later, as Bleed and Fire weapons, like whips and Hookclaws, tend to be pretty fast-hitting. Holy damage, poison, and scarlet rot are what you should avoid employing. Against her, these effects are substantially diminished; in fact, Poison and Scarlet Rot are practically impossible to inflict on a character whose name is literally the Goddess of Rot.

Use armor and food to ward off Slashing, Piercing, and Scarlet Rot attacks.

Of course, you should dodge Malenia’s attacks rather than a tank or block them, but it’s nearly impossible to get through the fight without taking damage at some point, so you should be ready for it. Prevent being hurt by her Scarlet Rot strikes and her swords in Phase 2 by taking precautions. Do not restrict yourself to just armor while making decisions.

Boluses used for preservation, cured meat, the Flame Cleanse Me magic, and talismans such as the Mottled Necklace and Immunizing Horn Charm can all be helpful. Still, the most effective ones are the passive ones that actively resist infection rather than making you stop and take medicine every time.


Although you must fight the game’s primary bosses to proceed, Elden Ring also features a few extra bosses to seek down and defeat. You can choose to fight and defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella, as one of the optional bosses. This Elden Ring guide will explain how to eliminate Malenia quickly, Blade of Miquella, or “cheat” your way through her.

Also, this technique does not crash the game. Thus, some players may think of it as something other than cheese. The fact that it locks the boss in place and makes you feel like a cheese inspired us to name it as such.

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