How to change Sensitivity on Minecraft?

How to change sensitivity on Minecraft? It can be very annoying at times when your mouse sensitivity gets stuck out of nowhere in the middle of an exciting game. We can’t fix your mood, however, we can fix the problem, all you need to do is follow a few steps on how to change sensitivity on Minecraft. Read on to know more.

How to change sensitivity on Minecraft?

How to change sensitivity on Minecraft

How to change sensitivity on Minecraft? The players need to set their mouse settings on their system, to change the sensitivity on Minecraft. The controls and sensitivity are not set with the settings of Minecraft, so players need to make the settings changes in their system accordingly. After doing the settings the player’s mouse sensitivity comes under control.

Now you got a brief idea about Minecraft sensitivity and its settings. Let’s proceed forward to understand the step-wise process of how to change sensitivity on Minecraft. 

Step 1: Click on settings and tap on sensitivity 

Step 2: Select input and language

Step 3: Click on the pointer speed setting, which will be visible at the button on the setting page

You can make the touch screen easier to tab and responsive and increase the slider. Click OK, and now you can play around with the results.

Furthermore, you can modify your mouse scroll sensitivity as well on Minecraft. First, you need to select the mouse tab in the settings menu of your system. Second, all you need to do is examine it at the required pace after scrolling down. 

Check out the video tutorial below

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What is the best sensitivity for Minecraft? 

After playing the Minecraft game for a while, you will understand how sensitivity affects the game. The best sensitivity setting is approximately between 50 to 150. It allows the player to have a smooth gaming experience without getting stuck. Furthermore, the majority of players use a sensitivity in Minecraft MVP that falls between 70 and 150.

How to turn down your sensitivity on Minecraft Java?

While you are playing the game, click on escape; you will be able to view the game menu; after that, tap on Options, bring the ‘sensitivity’ bar down by dragging it, and decrease the percentage. 


You can streamline your gaming experience by setting the control and sensitivity as per the requirement of your mouse. So that you don’t get stuck on screen while playing your game and disrupt your mood. 

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