How To Change Oculus Battery?

Wondering how to change Oculus battery?The Oculus Quest 2’s battery life does tend to wear out over time. In some cases, the headset may need to be charged more than usual, and you will find it difficult to use it for long periods of time. 

Alternatively, it might stop working altogether, due to low battery levels. This typically happens because there is no built-in charger for the controllers.

Batteries certainly don’t last forever, but if you don’t replace your batteries before it’s too late, there’s a good chance it will thwart your gaming experience. If this has happened to you, let’s get you back up and running with our instructions for replacing your batteries.

How To Change Oculus Battery?

How To Change Oculus Battery

The Quest 2 has a built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that you can charge using a USB-C cable. Although the controller is not equipped with a built-in battery, they do have a single AA battery preinstalled. 

This should keep your controllers going for a while before they need to be replaced or recharged independently. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change Oculus battery:

Changing The Headset Batteries

Rechargeable batteries usually suffer from power issues and need to be recharged more often. Their battery may weaken over time making it lose some of its capacity which means it will need more frequent recharging. 

Having to frequently recharge the battery can be frustrating as it significantly reduces your gaming time. To avoid this from happening you can buy an external rechargeable power pack for your device.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that changing the batteries of the Oculus Quest 2 headset is a complicated process. You wouldn’t want to risk voiding your warranty, injuring yourself, or risk putting in a faulty power source Headset.

If the battery is still under warranty and you want to get it replaced, you can contact Oculus through their support page. They will provide information on how to proceed and generally get back to you within two days.

Luckily the Quest comes with a built-in battery pack and would last you a good while before you need to replace it.

How To Change The Batteries On The Oculus Controller?

The Oculus controllers have a single AA battery instead of in-built batteries. So when they run out, you can either change them or charge them via battery chargers.

You just have to locate the battery compartment which is hidden in the controller grip with a small eject icon above it. Once you find the battery compartment you can follow the steps below:

  1. Apply a little pressure with your thumb while holding the controller. Note that the eject icon should be pointing up.
  2. The compartment cover will slide off.
  3. You can now replace the batteries with new ones.
  4. Put the cover back in place and repeat the same process with the other controller.

Check out this quick video to know How to change Oculus battery

How To Change Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery

Instead of relying on constantly buying new batteries, you can purchase a battery charger that allows you to interchange your rechargeable AA batteries with ones you have at home.

Alkaline batteries are also toxic to the environment, so limiting your use of these lessens environmental impact. In addition, there is a push towards recycling options, like California’s ban on tossing Alkaline batteries into other domestic trash.

What Batteries Do Oculus Quest 2 Controllers Use?

A single AA battery is included in each Touch Controllers package, and you can expect it to last a while. However, our advice is to get a replacement battery so you can keep playing for up to several months after that initial fresh battery runs out of juice.

The best way to save money with Oculus Touch controllers is to invest in rechargeable batteries or charging stations that are compatible with your Oculus Touch controllers. Here are some of the highly-rated products to help you out.

  1. Panasonic 3-Hour Quick Charger + 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries
  2. Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2
  3. Energizer Recharge Universal AA batteries


Can You Replace A Battery On Oculus?

No, you cannot. The Quest’s rechargeable battery is integrated into the headset and should only be replaced by a trained Oculus expert. This is an advanced procedure with significant associated risks that most consumers are not equipped to handle. It’s best to let it be handled by the manufacturer.

How Do I Get The Oculus Controller Battery Cover Off?

Just slide the cover down to smoothly remove the battery cover. But sometimes it can be hard to remove the battery cover. 

In that case make sure to have a firm grip, use a lot of force, and use both hands. Once the cover slides off, you can easily replace the battery. Also, note that the original batteries are not rechargeable.


The Oculus Quest 2 VR device allows users to have a more immersive online experience. The headset and controllers come equipped with batteries made for heavy usage. Yet, they still eventually get drained. 

Running out of battery halfway through your gaming session can be frustrating, but it’s often easy enough to simply check the battery level and change them. This guide shows you how to find the battery level on your Oculus Quest 2, as well as how to change Oculus battery when that time comes.