How to breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft? 

How to breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft? Tropical fish are a passive mob in Minecraft, primarily found in ocean biomes. Players who are fond of tropical fish can use some raw kelp and go search for some tropical fish to breed. Read on to learn more in detail.

How to breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft? 

How to breed Tropical Fish in Minecraft

First, you need to look for the tropical fish mob in the ocean biomes, this is the only part where you need to struggle a little, the rest of the steps are easy. Then make sure you are equipped with raw kelp that you have in inventory and once you find the tropical fish, right-click on the fish with it. Now your tropical fish will be in love mode.

To breed, you need to have 2 tropical fish in the same love mode. You can repeat the above steps on the other tropical fish as well. Now the 2 fish will move toward each other and start mating. After mating one tropical fish will lay eggs in the nearby block. The eggs will hardly take a few seconds to hatch and in a while baby tropical fish will be swimming under the water. That is all the breeding was successful. 

Tropical fish are not much different from other types of fish so If you want to breed other fishes you can. 

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How rare is it to fish a tropical fish in Minecraft?

The probability of catching a tropical fish with an unenchanted fishing rod instead of normal fish is approximately 2.0%. And the rarest tropical fish in Minecraft that you will ever catch is tomato clownfish or red clownfish. If you ever get lucky you might catch it with the help of an enchanted fishing rod. 

Why are tropical fish not spawning in Minecraft?

In the Bedrock edition, as per the fish spawning requirement, tropical fishes spawn 12-32 blocks underwater far away from the players. Usually, tropical fish spawn in warm and lukewarm ocean biomes and lush caves and can be found in groups of 3-5. 


Minecraft world allows you to create the world you like. There are no restrictions and possibilities are endless. As you can learn new creative things every time you want to find something new. Just like how you wanted to breed tropical fish. Don’t stop here, search for more and make your journey memorable. 

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