How to Breed Dawn Axie?

Axie breeding is an important component of Axie Infinity, and these virtual creatures can fetch up to a million bucks. Axie reproduction is comparable to how bird breeders mix features to make excellent offspring. However, you should not go into Axie breeding blindly. If you want to learn how to breed Dawn Axie, read the post till the end.

What is Axie Infinity?

axie infinity

Axie Infinity is a virtual pet community where you may purchase animals known as Axies and use them to fight, explore, and breed with other Axies. It was created by the game firm Sky Mavis and operates on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Although the game has an 18+ classification, it is aesthetically enticing to younger children due to its Pokémon-style design and lack of a clear age-verification mechanism.

There are two major methods to play the game, both of which require you to hunt out two separate assets. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is one of them. SLP is earned by completing daily missions and playing adventure games or combat matches. SLP is a resource that can be used to breed Axies in an infinite amount. The other one is Axie Shards (AXS).

Axie Breeding Guide

All Axies begin as fertile beings with the ability to pass down unique qualities to their children. Apart from Origin Axies and MEO Axies, SLP is not free. When an Axie’s breed count is depleted, they become sterile for life.

Because the developers do not want to oversaturate the marketplace with specific qualities and features, those were the first things you should understand about breeding Axies. Despite these constraints, gamers can experience a wide range of Axie genes and mutations.

Breeding the Axies

The basic method of allowing Axies to reproduce is rather straightforward. You will require the following items or creatures:

  • Two compatible and fertile Axies
  • SLP
  • AXS


When you’re ready, take the following steps:

  1. Go to your Axie inventory.
  2. Choose the first Axie that you want to breed.
  3. Between “Sell” and “Gift,” tap the “Breed” option.
  4. Choose another Axie to be the second parent in the following pop-up window.
  5. When you’re finished, click “Let’s Breed” to allow your cute creatures to multiply.
  6. You’ll receive a message and an Egg will appear in your inventory seconds later.

The egg will take 24 hours to incubate before hatching into a larva. The Axie will remain a larva for 48 hours, and you will still be unable to determine which genes it inherits. Furthermore, although being based on the parents’ type, the Egg color has no effect on your Axie’s genes.

Three days after birth, your Axie will mature into a Petite, which is a cross between a juvenile and a teenager. You may now view its class and traits, but to transform it, you must go into your collection and pay a little charge plus an ETH gas fee.

Additional 48 hours need to pass before your Axie can transform into an adult, and the morphing process is similarly fee-based. When an Axie reaches maturity, it is ready for breeding and combat.

Breed Count

The breed count of an Axie has a direct impact on the breeding price, with higher breed counts resulting in more SLP invested. Each Axie may only breed seven times before becoming irreversibly sterile.

Axie breed count

The following are the breeding charges based on the number of times an Axie reproduced:

  • Virgin Axie costs 100 SLP
  • 200 SLP for 1/7 times
  • 300 SLP for 2/7 times
  • 500 SLP for 3/7 times
  • 800 SLP for 4/7 times
  • 1,300 SLP for 5/7 times
  • 2,100 SLP for 6/7 times
  • Sterile at 7/7 times

The amount of SLP consumed during reproduction is determined by the breed count of each parent. Breeding a virgin Axie with something else that has mated 5 times, for instance, will require 1,400 SLP in total.

You may check the breed count of an Axie in the inventory, and it’s always a smart option to be careful. If you squander a breeding chance by accident, you will never be able to recover it, no matter how hard you try.

Breeding charges one AXS as well. You earn this crypto by gaming in the same way that you earn SLP.

Axie Genetics

Each Axie has unique characteristics that they were created with and can pass down to their children, and understanding genetics can be overwhelming for newcomers. Nonetheless, the fundamentals are rather simple to comprehend, and once you understand the principles, breeding the perfect Axie can become a piece of cake.

Axies, no matter how unique they are, have six bodily parts and a body type. There are three genes in each component. There are three types: dominant, recessive, and mild recessive.

Dominant genes are those that are already visible on the creature, for example, a tail form or pattern. Both recessive and minor recessive genes are not outwardly manifested, although they can be handed down to kids.

Each gene’s probability is as follows:

  • Dominant genes: 37.5% chance
  • Recessive genes: 9.375% chance
  • Minor recessive genes: 3.124% chance

What are the Axie Classes?

There are 9 Axie classes:

  • Aquatic
  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Bug
  • Dawn
  • Dusk
  • Meck
  • Plant
  • Reptile

 Each class is stronger or weaker than another, so picking the appropriate one for combat is crucial. Axies with a class edge will do 15% more damage to the opponent, while Axies with a class deficit will inflict 15% less damage. The game uses a rock-paper-scissors approach to guarantee that all classes are proportional. One class might be stronger or weaker than the other. Now, let’s learn how to breed Dawn Axie.

What is the Breeding Cost of Axies?

To learn how to breed Dawn Axie, you must know about the breeding cost. Axie Infinity gamers will now have to spend extra to breed their precious Axies, after the new update that increased the prices. 

To breed Axies, a player needs to have 0.5 AXS (formerly 1 AXS) and a variable quantity of SLP, based on the Axie’s breeding count. The following are the costs:

Breed Count SLP Cost
1 1800
2 2700
3 4500
4 7200
5 11700
6 18900
7 30900


Now, let’s learn how to breed Dawn Axie.

How to Breed Dawn Axie?

So, how to breed Dawn Axie? Dawn Axies is a little different. The only method to breed these is to cross purebred Axies from different classes. Breeding them will produce Dawn Axies 33% of the time. To be more precise:

Dawn – Plant + Bird parents

dawn axie

Dawn will benefit from cards from particular classes in the same way as she would from class benefits. Dawn, on the other hand, only receives a 7.5 percent benefit from their cards, unlike their thoroughbred cousins. This is only half of the 15% that pure breeds receive, but these Special Classes offer you more options when putting up your team. You can legally have both Reptile and Aquatic decks on your Dusk Axie, for instance, with these Axies.

With SLP market prices this low and AXS criteria for breeding having decreased dramatically, now is one of the ideal times to explore breeding. If you want to go for Dawn Axies, make sure you understand their subtleties first.


How many times can an Axie breed?

Ans. 7 times

How many body parts does an Axie have?

Ans. 6 body parts


Axie Infinity breeding lets players generate offspring of their virtual pets, popularly referred to as Axies, in order to advance in the game – either by utilizing or trading these new Axies.

Breeding an Axie, on the other hand, is a complex task that necessitates some monitoring and goes beyond the scope of the Axie Infinity starting instruction. The player must be familiar with how to mix the features of two Axies in order to develop a strong offspring that can assist them to seize the lead in-game.