How to Become CEO in Bitlife?

How to become CEO in Bitlife? If you want to learn about it, you should read this post till the end. BitLife provides a few quick methods to achieve your goals. Your character may be a well-known author, a research scientist, or even a CEO. With the help of our guidance, you can enter the cold, hard world of business in BitLife.

Being a CEO in Bitlife isn’t as difficult as it would be in real life, but earning the job requires you to take certain precise steps in your education and career of choice. However, you might need to restart your game a few times if your stats turn out terribly, or the random number generator will typically tell you whether you intended for a different career path. How to become CEO in Bitlife? Read the section below to get the step-by-step guide.

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How to Become CEO in Bitlife? Step by Step Guide

How to Become CEO in Bitlife

How to become CEO in Bitlife? Follow the steps below to become CEO in Bitlife:

Step 1: Work on Your Character

First and foremost you will have to make sure the character you design has a smart rating of at least 70. Make sure that when they become older, they become smarter by going to the library and paying attention in class. Additionally, ensure that they are born to rich and educated parents, like doctors, CEOs, and lawyers.

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Step 2: Business School Graduation

They will require a degree in business before they can pursue a corporate career. Look for a business school or college once your character has graduated from high school to continue their study. Get a degree in an associated field, such as finance, marketing, or economics.

Step 3: Go For a Corporate Career

After receiving their degree, they should select “Occupation,” then “Jobs,” “Junior Level Job,” and “Corporate Sector.”

Look for the label “CORPORATE” next to corporate jobs to determine whether you’ve discovered the proper one. As the years go by, your character will rise through the ranks from a low beginning.

Step 4: Get Promoted From Assistant Vice President to CEO

After working hard for some years, you will be promoted to the Assistant Vice President position. After that, they will be promoted to the positions – The Vice President, Executive Vice President, and Managing Director will follow after that. Eventually, your character will be named the new CEO after years of hard work.

The key is to be patient because there are many potential spots where your campaign could fail and you would have to start over.

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How to Become CEO in Bitlife 2022?

how to become a bitlife ceo

How to become CEO in Bitlife? In terms of developing your character and positioning him/her as the CEO of Bitlife, you will have to start with a good education. To improve your intelligence, attend class and pay as close attention as you can. High-level leaders are usually intelligent people, and this is true in BitLife. To acquire a scholarship, make sure to keep up a good relationship with your parents and participate in extracurricular activities.

Maintaining physical health is just as important as maintaining mental health, so start working out at the gym right away. Keep your health and intelligence at least 90%. You might start taking up part-time jobs or freelancing jobs early in your life to start making money casually. In BitLife, money is always important.

You must enroll in business school and obtain employment in the corporate sector if you want to become the CEO of BitLife. To raise your IQ, keep studying and visiting the library. You should enroll in graduate school as soon as you graduate from high school.

After graduating, look for a job in the corporate sector to start climbing the corporate ladder. After many years of service, you will eventually be promoted to Assistant Vice President. From there, you can advance to the positions of VP, Executive VP, Managing Directly, and CEO.

How Much Does a CEO Earn in Bitlife?

As a CEO, you could make between $200k and $250k and rank among the wealthiest people in BitLife. You might even become a billionaire if you use that income smartly in investments.

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Your character must attend business school to become CEO. Raise a new character till they reach the age of 18 when you create him/her. You will have finished high school by this point and will either take some time off or apply to colleges. Choose to attend college and pick a business-related major, such as economics, finance, or marketing. If your character isn’t already well off, having excellent intelligence and asking for a scholarship will help you avoid financial hardships because the university will pay your tuition in full.

If your scholarship application is turned down, you might also try working a part-time job or asking your family for financial assistance. Apply to business school after completing your undergraduate degree to become qualified for corporate employment.

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