How To Become a President in Bitlife?

How to become a President in Bitlife? In BitLife, President is the maximum level you can reach. It is commonly acknowledged to be one of the hardest, but it undoubtedly offers advantages as well! Being President in BitLife has the main advantage that your choices truly influence how quickly you get to the top.

How to become a President in Bitlife? In this post, you will learn how to become a President in Bitlife.

How To Become a President in BitLife?

How To Become a President in BitLife

How to become a President in Bitlife? Check out the steps below:

  • In order to begin, you must do it in a nation with elections, such as Mexico or the United States.
  • Then, you want to attend school and become as intelligent as you can.
  • Then, concentrate on improving your appearance by going to the movies and dressing nicely.
  • You need to start making plans to enter politics now that you are an adult. This means that after finishing high school, you have the option of attending college or working as a politician.
  • You can enrol in college to study political science, English, or history as you’ll need some money for all of this. After completing this, transfer to a business or law school.
  • You’ll be able to receive a ride for free the entire time that way, and your financial account will benefit as well!
  • You will need to finance your own campaign for office, so the money is helpful. Therefore, you will be able to invest more in the campaign if you have more of it.
  • You must spend time at events with individuals who are involved in politics or who may know somebody since networking is essential for this. They can support your campaign in this way!
  • How to become a President in Bitlife? Start out in your state’s lowest political position, such as a school board director. To use for your run, you must amass at least $10000.
  • If, after doing this, you are not selected for the ballot, you can instantly shut the game and leave it completely! You should be able to get your money back thanks to this.
  • You’ll need to consider all of your alternatives once you’re on the ballot and decide what will work. When something isn’t working, switch things around until it does!
  • Keep an eye on your campaign’s approval ratings. If they are low, concentrate on just one thing at a time until they increase!
  • How to become a President in Bitlife? Make sure you’re also running on the proper fuel. If there is unhappiness over something, utilise that as your agenda for the next election!
  • Overall, you must ensure that your approval ratings are strong once you are in office. This entails keeping your word on your campaign promises and acting morally!
  • Keep an eye on the headlines occasionally to see what’s happening in the news because they can also be quite helpful. If you can, create a speech based on it.
  • The most crucial factor in increasing your approval ratings is your agenda; therefore, pay attention to it!
  • When you land a job, join social media. That way, you may capitalise on your celebrity and earn a sizable sum of money. You’ll need this if you want to run for president!
  • How to become a President in Bitlife? Posts are crucial, so make sure to publish them at least a few times annually. Try working out again if you’re having trouble focusing on the postings.
  • If you do become famous, avoid taking any of the possible actions while in office because doing so could result in your impeachment. You can attempt to become verified if you have at least 10,000 followers.
  • You can run for mayor once your term as a school board director expires.
  • You can then try to get elected to the Senate once you’re making more than a million dollars from ads.
  • Consider running for President if you have enough celebrity and money. But doing this will be the most difficult!

How To Become a President in BitLife


It will be difficult, especially since there are so many other individuals running for president, so keep in mind to keep tabs on your approval ratings while you’re in the race!

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