How to Become a Judge in Bitlife?

How to become a Judge in Bitlife? Read on to learn the requirements and steps.

In BitLife, becoming a judge takes a lot of time. You must always be committed to your work, invest in a good education, and uphold a high moral standard if you wish to continue this career. Since you can only become a judge once you’ve reached an older age, or around the time your character becomes 50 or 60, that’s the main reason your player needs to be in good condition. 

What are The Requirements To Become a Judge in BitLife?

What are The Requirements To Become a Judge in BitLife

How to become a Judge in Bitlife? To become a lawyer in BitLife, you must be a highly intelligent character who has finished college before going to law school. After that, you need to practise law for 30 years before you may be a judge.

As soon as you become aware of it, submit an application for the job of Magistrate; upon promotion, you will become a judge.

How to become a Judge in Bitlife? Here are the following requirements to become a Judge in Bitlife:

  • Go to a law school
  • Graduate from the school
  • Get employed in a law firm
  • Practise 30 years of law
  • Submit the Judge’s application

If you want to be a judge, you should go to law school. What good is a judge who doesn’t know the law well? You’ll therefore need to perform well in school as you age. Prior to applying to law school, be sure to put in a lot of effort in your classes and achieve excellent scores. Get a part-time job; it will help you pay for your education.

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Continue studying and getting top grades to make sure you won’t have any trouble finding a job after college. When you have earned your degree, you can choose the Job Recruiter selection under the Occupation section. The goal here is to attempt to get a job at any law firm.

Over the next 30 years, you’ll want to keep working in this capacity or in a field linked to law. Go to the occupation page after entering your thirty years and click Jobs. You should now see a Magistrate option. Submit an application for the Judge position, which requires a law degree and 30 years of work experience.

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How To Become a Judge in Bitlife?

How To Become a Judge in Bitlife

How to become a Judge in Bitlife? Before your character can become a judge, you must ensure that they graduate from high school and study law in college. For your character to graduate from college, this procedure must be finished in four years. You then need to enrol in law school and finish more curriculum.

You can now submit an application to serve as a junior associate in a law firm after graduating from law school. To eventually become a partner in this law firm, you’ll need to stay with it and put in a lot of work each year. Your primary goal is to practise law for 30 years. Given how long you will be staying here, you want to take good care of your character’s health. Build solid relationships with your colleagues, engage in regular exercise, go for walks, do meditation, and keep tabs on your character’s diet to achieve this.

When you have 30 years of legal experience, you are eligible to apply for the position of Municipal Magistrate. Only after completing law school and practising law for thirty years will you be given the opportunity to apply for this position. Trying to land this job before this cutoff time isn’t productive.

You’ll have to put in a great deal of work as a Magistrate each year and develop strong relationships with your coworkers, just as when you work at a law firm. At some point, you’ll be elevated to the post of judge.

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So, that’s how you can become a judge in Bitlife. For more Bitlife guides, click here.

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