How to beat Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring?

How to beat Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring? Because Tarnished must deal with three Rot-inflicting Crystalians simultaneously, the Putrid Crystalian Trio of Sellia Hideaway is widely regarded as one of the most brutally hard boss fights in Elden Ring. Bosses like Malenia and Maliketh are notorious for their extreme difficulty, although it is possible to overcome them with enough practice or even by cheating.

However, the Putrid Crystalian Trio boss fight in Elden Ring is brutal, pitting players against three bosses inside a cramped arena at once. Read all about how to beat Putrid Crystalian in this article.

How to beat Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring?

How to beat Putrid Crystalian Elden Ring

To defeat a Putrid Crystalian, use a Strike weapon to exploit their vulnerability. It’s not the techniques in this fight that make it challenging, but the numbers. It is highly recommended you employ a summon during this encounter. The Mimic tear is your best bet if you can’t call on a companion for help. Banished Knight Oleg is another fantastic substitute you can call upon. This should make things more balanced.

Let’s look at some countermeasures now

  • Putrid Crystalian can be defeated with the help of a summoned companion, imitation tear, or even the exiled knight.
  • The player should go to combat Putrid Crystalian.
  • Don’t bother paying attention to the last of the Putrid Crystalians.
  • You can direct the battle away from it, diverting its attention to your summon.
  • The Putrid Crystalian is best countered with a backstab or an attack that causes them to lose their composure. As a result, it will lose a significant amount of health very rapidly.
  • If your summon dies, all three enemies will focus on you, lowering your chances of winning the fight.
  • When you’ve finished with the first Putrid Crystalian, move on to one that isn’t involved in the struggle between your summon and the others. However, Putrid Crystalian is the next enemy you should go for if you feel up to the challenge.
  • Break its poise and hit it with backstabbing assaults like you did in the last fight.
  • Once you’ve done that, move on to the next and use the same strategy to take it out.

What are Putrid Crystalians weak to in Elden Ring?

Using a weapon that deals with Strike damage will significantly simplify this battle. The Club is a low-cost weapon that may be upgraded multiple times to become highly influential in this fight. Even though facing three bosses at once may seem daunting, the Staff and Ring Blade Crystalians will move considerably slower than their Spear counterparts.

You need to yank the Spear Crystalian away from his companions and then return quickly to beat them up until their comrade who wields the Spear returns.

Breaking the bosses’ stances with a heavily charged strike or a heavy jumping attack will crack their shells for the remainder of the fight, making them more vulnerable to damage. Lastly, because of their slow and predictable attacks and limited movement speed, these bosses are open to being backstabbed, which is a fantastic way to deal damage without taking any in return.

As opposed to other battles, this is one where using a summon could end up hurting your chances of winning. While this may help draw the Spear Crystalian’s focus away from its allies, it may also make it easier to approach them if you receive damage meant for your spectral ally.

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How do you make a Cheese Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring?

How do you make a cheese Putrid Crystalian Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, Crystaliansn serves as a Field Boss. Crystalians are humanoid opponents formed of crystals. They have many weapon configurations and can be found in various environments, but their crystal bodies are consistent. These are optional bosses as players are not needed to fight them to proceed in the Elden Ring.

Putrid Crystalians is a variation of this boss that inflicts Scarlet Rot. This boss usually takes the guise of the less powerful, Lesser Crystalian. The Crystalian Ashes call forth the ghost of a fallen Crystalian for assistance in combat.


Elden Ring is home to the Putrid Crystalians, a Field Boss. The Putrid Crystalians are a race of crystalline humanoids infected with Scarlet Rot. Defeating this boss is not required to continue in the Elden Ring. Hence it is purely optional. This boss also has a more common Crystalian form.

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