How to beat Crystalian Elden Ring?

How to beat Crystalian Elden Ring? Crystalian is a common boss in the Lands Between and can be fought after optional dungeons or even in open areas. Everyone takes on a humanoid appearance. However, each is armed differently. The secret to defeating Crystalian is here in this Elden Ring strategy guide.

How to beat Putrid Crystalian in the Elden Ring?

How to beat Putrid Crystalian in the Elden Ring

How to beat Crystalian Elden Ring? Anyone who has ever met a Crystalian before facing the Putrid Crystalian Trio knows that the enemy horde can take a lot of punishment before their crystal shell breaks. Using weapons that provide blunt damage, such as hammers or clubs, is the quickest way to crack their armor. When facing the Putrid Crystalians, a basic Warhammer may be more beneficial than a fully upgraded Dagger.

As you make your way around the area, the Crystalian with the most damaging spells is the mage (Staff) variant. Therefore you should focus your attacks on him first. By calling upon their shamanic energies, the summoned Spirit Ashes can temporarily divert the attention of at least one of the bosses. Once the wizard is eliminated, focus your fire on the one wielding the Ringblade. When its ranged allies are vanquished, Tarnished may finally deal with the Putrid Crystalian (Spear).

While all boss fights are complex, the Putrid Crystalians’ excellent resistance to magic makes this one particularly so for mages. Fortunately, Sorceries like Night Maiden’s Mist can easily break through the Crystalians’ protections and reduce their HP. Suppose spellcasters prefer not to wield a sword. In that case, the Gavel of Haima can be used significantly against the Putrid Crystalians of Elden Ring, staggering and smashing them with relative ease, given that their Poise is no match for a blunt weapon. Once the three-headed boss has been defeated, Tarnished will receive the Crystal Torrent Sorcery as his reward.

How to beat the Crystalian boss in the Elden Ring?

How to beat the Crystalian boss in the Elden Ring

How to beat Crystalian Elden Ring? When planning your strategy to defeat Crystalian, you should consider the weaponry of the humanoid. Most of the time, this boss moves at a glacial pace, yet a Ringblade’s reach is limited compared to a Spear’s. It’s common to practice in Elden Ring boss encounters to use Summon Spirits to draw their attention away from you so you may plow through them from behind. Crystalians have poor Poise and are easily disoriented.

Backstabs and other attacks from behind are the best bet for damaging its defenses. Now that the shields have been shattered, you can do devastating harm to Crystalian. Cast as many spells at it as you can, such as Glintstone Pebble, until it is dazed, and then strike when you get the chance. It’s possible to face off against two Crystalians at once, but they’re slow and shouldn’t pose much of a threat, especially if you have Spirit Ashes to distract them.

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How to beat 3 Crystalians in the Elden Ring?

The Crystalians you meet will have spears, staffs, and ring blades, among other weapons. You’ll face various bosses until you reach Sellia Hideaway, where you’ll meet all three at once. Be wary of the last two, as they deal extra damage like Scarlet Rot.

Battle Strategies

Two approaches can be taken to deal with the Crystalians. As was previously noted, melee builds have the upper hand over ranged ones. However, incredible spells remain at your disposal for dealing with excessive damage and penetrating that shield.

Melee Strategy

Since Crystalians are not composed of flesh, they are safe from effects like Bleed and Lightning. As a result, the best strategy for defeating the Crystalians’ defenses is a ferocious onslaught of physical attacks employing massive weapons. You could choose to equip weapons like the Grafted Blade Greatsword or the Sword of Night-and-Flame. Both options are equally good. In addition to Bloodhound’s Fang, there is an alternative.

Opaline Bubbletear is an excellent addition to your Flask of Wondrous Physick, particularly if your opponent is wielding a Spear and Staff. Keep in mind that the Putrid Crystalians rapidly increase Scarlet Rot with each attack.

Ranged Strategy

As was previously said, some genuinely incredible sorceries are capable of causing tremendous harm. When confronted by multiple, maintaining a safe distance becomes a significant difficulty. For the most impact on the body, use sorceries like Comet, Rock Sling, and Comet Azur. If you need to damage numerous enemies at once, the Cannon of Haima is another excellent choice.

It’s also possible to avoid fighting by using a loophole. The Meteorite of Astel magic is a devastating one-hit kill that requires you to have already fought and destroyed Astel, Stars of Darkness.

How to beat the Crystalian spear and staff in the Elden Ring?

How to beat the Crystalian spear and staff in the Elden Ring

How to beat Crystalian Elden Ring? Both ranged and melee characters can use this tactic effectively. When you reach the boss arena, you should immediately run behind a monument so that Crystalian, the wizard, cannot see you. Then, quickly call forth your most durable Spirit Summon; the Skeletal Militaman are recommended due to their constant resurgence.

It would help if you positioned the statue to stand between you and the mage, lure the melee boss to you, and then battle it from behind the statue using a Strike weapon or the Bestial Sling. To avoid the spear-blows, bosses, you’ll either need a shield or be skilled at rolling and exploiting the I-frames of the roll. To avoid taking damage from the staff-abilities, boss’s you should always move in one of two directions: toward or away from the statue. Get behind the other statue if the mage gets too close.

Suppose you fight the spear boss often enough, mainly if your summons also attacks it. In that case, it should stumble rapidly, giving you an excellent opportunity to land a critical strike. Its crystal armor will be compromised after this, leaving it vulnerable to significant damage (and making it easier to thwart its strikes). Once you master the Spear, the Staff will be child’s play. Just wait for it to complete casting a spell before you launch an attack, and keep using the statues to deflect attacks.

Remember that if you misposition yourself, backstabbing any boss will provide temporary invulnerability.


  • With its Triple Stab attack, the boss jumps briefly into the air before repeatedly stabbing its Spear at its target. Once you recognize the combo (it can also be the Five Stabs + Leap Attack, so be careful), you should attempt to roll between the stabs so that the third attack doesn’t break your guard.
  • Like the Triple Stab, but with an additional two stabs and a leaping attack at the end, the Five Stabs + Leap Attack combines the two. An excellent opportunity to counter the leaping strike presents itself immediately afterward.
  • The lengthier wind-up period distinguishes the Double Stab, which consists of two slower stabs without a hop.


  • After a short interval, the boss gathers a cluster of crystals above its head and then fires them in all directions. Simply leaving their range will prevent this danger.
  • To use Crystal Torrent, the boss gathers a clump of crystals at the end of its staff and then shoots them out in a spray. You can sidestep them by darting horizontally or take cover behind something.
  • The boss produces a crystal mass at the end of its staff and smashes it down in front of it using the Shattering Crystal ability. Whenever danger is present, roll away.


How to beat Crystalian Elden Ring? Many different bosses, each with unique challenges, await you in the Lands Between. The Crystalian is a typical example of a reoccurring sort of boss; it’s a humanoid creature formed entirely of crystals and lives in dungeons worldwide. The majority of the time, they nest with a pair. In Elden Ring, three out of the four Crystalian boss bouts involve hordes of enemies. If you enjoy this, we have more coming your way.

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