How to backstab in Elden Ring?

How to backstab in Elden Ring? The backstab has been integral to the Soulsborne genre’s unique fighting formula from the beginning. Accuracy is rewarded, giving the player the advantage in fights that would otherwise be extremely challenging, if not impossible, to survive. At the same time, the threat of being backstabbed is a concrete deterrent to employing strong but slow tactics at inappropriate times.

While the precise conditions for pulling off a backstab have changed throughout the years, the basic idea remains: sneak up behind an opponent and press the attack button to do massive damage and potentially even kill them.

How to backstab in Elden Ring? It’s not as easy as it seems to implement a feature that seems like it should be straightforward on the surface, especially for novices who aren’t familiar with the different technical criteria and checks that must be made. Every Soulsborne title, including “Elden Ring,” features a variety of player-created guidelines on how to execute a backstab successfully.

The game only gives you very little in terms of directions, making it challenging to figure out where you went wrong. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to backstab in “Elden Ring” for those who have trouble grasping this fundamental gameplay mechanic or wish to improve their technique for more consistent executions.

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How to backstab in Elden Ring?

How to backstab in Elden Ring

When you’re standing behind an enemy in “Elden Ring,” hit the light attack button (right shoulder button on consoles, left mouse click on PC) to perform a backstab, just like you would in any other “Soulsborne” game. It would help if you were within arm’s length of the enemy hitbox and facing in its general direction while attacking at an angle of no more than 45 degrees from the center of its back.

In addition to being unable to use any controls other than the light attack, you are also prevented from moving, using your secondary weapon, or even avoiding immediately before attempting a backstab. Your character will perform a light attack if the appropriate inputs are not detected, such as a forward attack, a dodge combination, etc. This is a simple way to learn how to backstab in Elden Ring.

It is a common misconception that the target must be either blind or locked on for a backstab to be effective. A helpful visual explanation of the size of the cross “window,” as well as numerous examples of backstabs performed with and without locking onto an enemy, is provided in this video by YouTube user Winston Wolfe. You should be able to execute consistently backstabs after some training.

How to Backstab Enemies in Elden Ring?

How to Backstab Enemies in Elden Ring

How to backstab in Elden Ring? Elden Ring’s adversaries can be backstabbed in classic Soulborne form by positioning behind them and pressing the usual attack button (R1 on PS5/PS4; RB on Xbox consoles; Left Click on PC if using a keyboard and mouse). The backstab allows you to deal with foes while remaining stealthy; kneel behind them and strike. In addition to dealing significant damage, a backstab will knock your opponent to the ground, where you may easily follow up or reposition yourself for a counterattack. It is possible to backstab huge adversaries, such as several of the game’s bosses, but only after they have been stunned. Here are the steps for backstabbing in Elden Ring on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

  • PS4/PS5: Press R1 when hiding in ambush.
  • The XOne/Series X/S: RB when hiding behind an adversary.
  • Use the left mouse button while hiding behind an enemy on a computer with a keyboard and mouse.

What are the Tips for Backstabbing?

Tips for Backstabbing

In most FromSoftware games, particularly when it comes to competitive play, builds that center almost exclusively on backstabbing enemies are a good approach. In Elden Ring, however, players can break out of the motion and avoid taking a Critical Hit before the assault connects.

It’s unclear whether this alteration was made to weaken backstabbing or not, but it does pretty fine in PvE, nonetheless. To add insult to injury, Backstabbing only works on foes roughly the player’s size (like fellow Tarnished, Undead, or even Man Serpents). Thus it’s best to avoid trying it on more prominent competitors.

A small number of Talismans can also improve Critical Strikes and Backstabs. Compared to how much more significant Critical damage is compared to a typical strike, the Dagger Talisman’s flat 17% increase seems less impressive.

Two Assassin’s Dagger Talismans can be found replenishing supplies after a Critical Hit or Backstab. One can recover lost FP using the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, while lost HP can be made whole with the Assassin’s Crimson Dagger. As their effects compound, these Talismans should be equipped in tandem for maximum impact in a Backstab-focused build that seeks to maximize the use of this mechanic.


Learning how to Backstab in Elden Ring is crucial whether you’re just starting off or far into the game. Those who play Dark Souls will understand the significance of this action. It’s possible to deal devastating damage to an opponent with a single backstab if you use it. The best part is that mastering it is a breeze. So, in this article, we have talked about the best ways how to backstab in Elden Ring and other helpful hints. Thanks for stopping by.

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