How to alter Garments in Elden Ring?

How to alter Garments in Elden Ring? The Fashion Souls fan base was considered by FromSoftware when developing weapons and armor. So now, in the Elden Ring, you can change the style of specific armor suits and clothing articles. Changing your armor’s appearance offers a distinctive look that reflects your personality. However, in the Elden Ring, modifying your armor is behind a locked door. Find two items and beat a boss to change your armor.

We will show you exactly how to change armor in the Elden Ring and where to obtain the essential components to enable this new function. I’ll also provide some pointers on how to beat the boss to sweeten the deal. To alter your character’s appearance, you must first become familiar with respeccing. Here’s how to customize your Elden Ring armor and clothing for the time being.

How to alter Garments in Elden Ring?

How to alter garments Elden Ring

Changing your clothes makes you appear great, reduces the weight of your armor, and improves your stats. It does equalize the weight by decreasing some armor points. Shedding your cloak to inspect your armor is a fair bargain. Unlike RPG games where you can modify your clothes from head to toe, Elden Ring has only two sorts of alteration and are generally with or without the cloak. Collecting the Demigod armor stated in the article’s coda is the quickest way to a new look.

How does altering garments work in the Elden Ring?

You have to win a power struggle against the top Demi-Human employers to access the tailor’s scissors and sewing machine. The Elleh Church is an excellent place to start. A torch will come in handy here; visit trader Kale to purchase one before venturing inside the Coastland Cave. The Stormfoot Catacombs await you; proceed there now. Go through these tunnels to get to the beach.

Here you’ll see little golden footsteps. These are from an invisible beast you need to strike to obtain an Ashes of War. After that, head south. Moving south, you’ll run upon Demi-Humans, who will try to attack you.

Because of how small these foes are, dispatching them should be relatively easy. Since they often travel in packs, you should be on the lookout for attacks coming from all sides. After eliminating the troublesome Demi-Humans, continue traveling southward toward a cave mouth. Once you reach Coastal Cave, you’ll need to turn on your flashlight to find your way through.

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What happens if you alter garments in the Elden Ring?

What happens if you alter garments in the Elden Ring

One of Elden Ring’s best aspects, according to FromSoftware devotees, is the wide variety of available clothing styles. There are usually many options for players to choose from or mix-and-match specific set-pieces to find a desired outfit, whether they want to roleplay as their favorite bosses, adversaries, or non-player characters.

Players can improve their resistance to status ailments or protection against a specific affinity by equipping certain armor pieces. However, most agree that the emphasis in FromSoftware’s armor options is on how they look rather than how they affect the player’s statistics. The Elden Ring’s garment functionality lets players change their clothes, which usually involves removing a cloak, cape, or shawl. While players may focus on the outward changes made to clothing, they may also notice alterations to the item’s description.

According to the product description, the Black Knife Armor’s see-through cloak acts as a “concealing curtain” that “muffles the sound of footsteps.” Since the veil is no longer present on the revamped Black Knife’s armor, we restate the broad description of its scaled armor using slightly modified wording. Although both garments boast “scale armor that makes no sound,” only Elden Ring’s concealed Black Knife Armor accomplishes this feat.


Enjoy dressing up for war and looking your best. With the advent of armor customization, Elden Ring has covered the needs of its Fashion Souls community. This Elden Ring strategy guide has covered the topic of character customization, including how players can change their clothes, armor, and overall look.

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