How to aim Crossbow in Elden Ring?

How to aim Crossbow in Elden Ring? A Crossbow is an effective ranged weapon for dealing damage to foes from a safe distance. Those who favor this mode of play will be happy to know that we’ve got tips on where to find the most excellent bows and how to stock up on arrows. However, one of the most pressing concerns you may have is addressed here: where and how to point your Crossbow in the Elden Ring. Please read the article for further information.

How to aim Crossbow in Elden Ring?

How to aim Crossbow Elden Ring

Crossbows in Elden Ring can only be used for hip fire unless they are equipped as Two-Hand weapons, meaning you need to use another weapon (such as a sword) on the other hand if you want to aim. Here’s the procedure:

  • Make sure your firearm is loaded first.
  • Press Y + RB/Triangle + R1 to use the Crossbow with both hands. If you have one hand free, you’ll end up shooting yourself in the hip, which is fine as long as you’ve had your target in sight.
  • Press L1 or LB to manually aim, though.
  • One bolt can be loaded into your Crossbow by pressing R1 or R2. You can load it into your gun by pressing the “shot” button once.
  • Press R1 or RB to fire one arrow or bolt and R2 or RT to fire a different variety.
  • Users can use auto-aim or manual aim (which is the better choice).
  • A Crossbow must be loaded before each shot, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, Crossbows cannot be upgraded using fresh Ashes of War.

How to aim with Crossbow in the Elden Ring on PS5 and PC?

With the help of bows and Crossbows, you can deal harm to your adversaries from a safe distance in the Elden Ring. Aiming, however, with a bow or Crossbow is a challenge. Playing Elden Ring on PS5, you can use the L1 button to aim your bow or Crossbow before firing. Similar to the parry button on a shield, this button will block incoming attacks.

You can use the right mouse button to aim freely with a bow or Crossbow in Elden Ring on the PC if you equip the bow with both hands.

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How to aim Crossbow in Elden Ring on Xbox?

Elden Ring how to aim Crossbow xbox

To use the bow, players must first equip it by pressing L1/LB (if the bow is equipped on the left hand and vice versa) on their controller (Y on PC) and then aim and fire by pressing R1/RB or R2/RT.

There is both free aim and an automatic fire mode available to players. After drawing your bow with both hands, press the L1/LB button again. You may manually adjust your aim and even zoom in on your target if you’re in the mood for some sniping action. Using this superb weapon will elevate your Elden Ring adventure fun to a new level.


The bow or Crossbow must be equipped to fire it in the Elden Ring. This item can serve as your primary or secondary weapon, and it doesn’t matter which hand it’s in. Shields are difficult to employ effectively in between attacks when using a bow, but the Crossbow makes this much more accessible.

Either of these weapons is only helpful with bolts, arrows, or multiple arrows to fire. Hopefully, you’ve memorized all this: You can precisely shoot the bow, great bow, or Crossbow like any other weapon. Locking on to a target and firing in a straight line will allow you to avoid the difficulty of manually aiming.

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