How Rare are Fossils in Minecraft?

How rare are Fossils in Minecraft? If you have been playing Minecraft for a long, you might have come across a structure called fossils, which can be found in particular locations in the Minecraft world. 

There are possibilities, players might never have heard of fossils because of how rare they are in Minecraft. 

Fossils are basically used in Minecraft as a source for bone blocks. Players can use these blocks for several things, you can create bonemeal with bone blocks and utilize bonemeal for different purposes. 

How Rare are Fossils in Minecraft?

How rare are Fossils in Minecraft

There are 1 in 64 chances of getting a fossil in a chunk and they are at least five blocks wide. In Minecraft, it shows fossils are made out of quartz, however, for demonstration purposes, it is shown fossils are made out of coal ore and bone blocks.

Players use fossils to obtain coal, although you can easily find coal in the Minecraft world like when you are mining fossils for bone blocks you will come across coal as well. 

In the Minecraft world, you will find fossils in specific regions only. These rare structures can be found in locations such as deserts hills, swamp hills, deserts, and desert lakes. When you see a large vein of coal blocks you will find fossils there. 

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How to find Fossils in Minecraft? 

How to find Fossils in Minecraft

You can use the branch mining method which is tried and tested to find fossils in Minecraft. In this method, you need to dig down to the bedrock and make out tunnels in different directions upwards just like in the shape of a branch. 

Another efficient way of finding fossils is TNT mining, however, it can be a very dangerous method to use if you are inexperienced. As in TNT mining, everything around used to blow up, so you need to be very cautious while using this method. 

You can also commonly find fossils around lava in Minecraft, but you need to be careful because there are chances of you slipping and falling into the lava. That can get you killed and all the items that you have earned while mining will disappear. 


Now with the help of this post, you know how rare are fossils in Minecraft. There is no limitation to possibilities in the Minecraft world, so even though fossils are rare you can still search for them in different locations and dig it out, and add it to your adventure lists. 

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