How old is Nemona Pokemon?

How old is Nemona Pokemon? Nemona serves as the main rival to the heroes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. She holds the prestigious position of the Academy’s student council president during the game’s timeframe and is recognized as the youngest trainer to attain the Champion Rank. Despite her remarkable accomplishments, she remains a relatively young trainer. But the real question is how old is Nemona? Read on to find out.

How old is Nemona Pokemon?

How old is Nemona Pokemon? Although the game doesn’t precisely disclose or state Nemona’s age, but a rough estimate based on her appearance would place her at around 15 or 16 years old. She seems older than the main characters and Penny but appears to be in the same age range as Arven.

Also, Nemona attends many classes with the protagonist, and she does seem like one of the older students in those classes. However, determining her exact age is challenging because the Academy seems to have a flexible approach to age requirements in its curriculum.

What is Nemona’s personality?

Nemona is a cheerful and lively person in the game who has a deep passion for Pokémon battles. As an experienced Pokémon Trainer, she’s your trusted companion on your journey. Her battle skills are exceptional, though it’s worth noting that she might not be the most precise when it comes to throwing Poké Balls.

Why is Nemona a good rival?

Nemona’s Pokémon have well-thought-out moves. Her lead Pokémon, Lycanroc, starts battles by setting up stealth rocks, a tactic to chip away at the opponent’s team when they switch. All her Pokémon have versatile moves with good coverage, including powerful ones like Pawmot’s Double Shock. As a finishing move, her Dudunsparce can boost its stats with Coil. Each of Nemona’s Pokémon is a significant threat, making her a tough rival to beat.


Is Nemona or Geeta the champion?

Geeta holds the position of Top Champion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which means you must defeat her after the Elite Four to become the Champion yourself.

What happens after you beat Nemona?

After you beat her, Nemona will praise you for becoming a stronger Pokémon trainer than she is and call you the best trainer in Paldea. After your chat with her, you’ll go back to your dorm room at the academy, and that’s the end of the Victory Road story arc.

What level is Nemona violet?

All her Pokémon are at level 65, so it’s recommended for your Pokémon to be at a similar level to have an easier time defeating her. The final Pokémon she uses is determined by her initial choice of starter at the beginning of the game.