How much Storage does Minecraft take up?

How much storage does Minecraft take up? Minecraft is a game based on creativity. No other games can beat the creativity of Minecraft. The players don’t even keep track of time while playing Minecraft, as it becomes so fun and exciting as you level up. 

You get so engrossed in gathering the necessary items, completing the masterpieces, chopping away blocks, and more. Even though it’s not only restricted to building items or blocks, the game gives you the opportunity to explore new places and start a new adventure. 

The players get the chance to choose their own character and also in the world of Minecraft, your character gets to evolve into whatever you want. You can create your own memorable story. 

Well, many players have the question of how much storage does Minecraft take up? I will provide you with details about the storage so that you can also install Minecraft and start making your own adventure story.

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How much Storage does Minecraft take up?

How much Storage does Minecraft take up

The Minecraft game is not heavy, however, its storage requirement varies from one device to another. Basically, in most devices the base Minecraft takes up to 1GB, it includes Play Station, Xbox, iPhone, Android, Nintendo, and Windows PC. 

The base game file takes up to 1 GB when you install it, but after installing the game size might vary. Such as for Windows PCs, it is recommended to have 8 GB RAM and 4 GB storage so that your game runs smoothly. 

How much Storage does Minecraft take up

For Mac devices, you need a free space of 1 to 2 GB to install the Minecraft game. Furthermore, the sizes of the game file change when you install new release versions or additional mods. Minecraft allows you to check the size it occupies in your device.

For PS4, you can check the size by going to the settings, selecting the storage option, clicking on system storage then the saved data. At last, you can click on Minecraft to view the storage data.

For MAC, first, you need to open the game and select Minecraft worlds, click edit, select open world folder and check the properties of the game file.  

For PC, you can simply open the Minecraft folder and click on the properties to view the storage data. 

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Now you know how much storage Minecraft take up, you can easily free up some space if you don’t have any to install the game. You can update to new versions of Minecraft to have more fun and adventurous experiences.

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