How much does it Cost to Play My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based game where non-crypto natives build and play. It makes blockchain features appealing for gamers inexperienced with nonfungible tokens (NFTs). How much does it cost to play My Neighbor Alice? Avatars and plots can be customized by purchasing in-game products, but My Neighbor Alice is a free game to play. Windows 7 or later is required as a minimum operating system for playing the game.

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Who is My Neighbor Alice’s Creator?

Who is My Neighbor Alice's creator

My Neighbor Alice was inspired by Animal Crossing and Minecraft by Antler Interactive. Game studio CEO Anna Norrevik. My Neighbor Alice teaches blockchain through stories and monetization. My Neighbor Alice lets people construct virtual environments.

Players can engage with neighbors, do daily activities, and earn rewards. To join My Neighbor Alice’s universe, you must own land and engage in hobbies like bug-collecting, fishing, farming, and beekeeping. Activities shared missions, and competitions boost players’ game status.

Players’ territory can be designed and decorated with in-game NFT structures, plants, trees, flowers, and animals. Players can use a Game Builder and an NFT Creator to tailor their game experience and alter the landscape.

Players can buy and sell game items and NFTs in-game. Players can personalize game characters with avatars and meet in an on-chain forum. A game’s reputation system pushes players to increase their standing to access exclusive events and NFTs.

How much does My Neighbor Alice’s land cost? My Neighbor Alice: worth it? How to buy My Neighbor Alice coin?

How much does it cost to play My Neighbor Alice?

How much does it cost to play My Neighbor Alice 

My Neighbor Alice is a game that is completely free to play. You will, however, be presented with the option to purchase a variety of in-game products so that you can personalize your avatars and virtual plots. In addition to that, you can buy various in-game assets and tools.

My Neighbor Alice’s worth

My Neighbor Alice’s value depends on its technology. The game’s value is driven by its technology, features, and application cases. These elements affect the project’s value and potential to become a mainstream game with DeFi features and a trustless lending economy.

ALICE’s intrinsic worth does not necessarily equal its market value due to cryptocurrency volatility. My Neighbor Alice token value is determined by market movements and momentum.

The initiative caters to blockchain-based gaming and DeFi fans, and its adoption rate will boost ALICE’s worth. Creating NFTs for in-game materials gives My Neighbor Alice, an NFTs-based game, more importance.

How can ALICE tokens be used?

My Neighbor Alice’s token uses include:

  • ALICE is a game token used to buy in-game things and NFTs for avatars.
  • Participate in in-game tournaments to win ALICE tokens.
  • ALICE tokens can be staked for system rewards. It’s meant to encourage people to hold tokens and donate.
  • Token holders may engage in decentralized governance via the Community Council, which decides how earnings are spent and game development and expansion.

Is My Neighbor Alice profitable?

Is My Neighbor Alice profitable

As players manage My Neighbor Alice’s economy, they provide many income opportunities.

Animal trade

Animals are NFTs that can create new things from old. Animals can become one-of-a-kind commodities because each has distinct breeding talents, some more uncommon than others.

Some animals will help you spin organic cotton into yarn after harvesting it. Other animals can weave yarn into cloth, and some can colour it. These materials can be sold or made into unique outfits.

You may want a pet after making enough money as a wandering businessman. You can keep animals on rented land in the game. You can outsource your abilities without using your animals.

Help others

If you don’t own animals or land, you can apply for landowners’ jobs. They may need help with crops or animals.

You may care for animals and land by providing water, food, love, and attention. Well-maintained land generates more crops, and well-maintained animals reproduce better, helping the landowner.

Resource export

You’ll meet new individuals and see their farms, creations, animals, and furniture as you travel through the players’ countries. Some things may be cheaper in one place than in another. This dynamic lets you trade stuff throughout the world for profit.

Agriculture (grow crops or rent your land)

NFTs represent all farmland and can be purchased through lotteries. Growing is fun. Landowners can grow crops and sell them to other players.

Well-watered plants sell for more money. If all this sounds like too much work, rent your land to another player and earn from the rent.

Non-financial trades

Gamers can make hats and gowns to show off their style. Each article of clothing you make is a unique NFT you may sell. Special designs are more valuable.

What is Alice land lottery?

My Neighbor, Alice’s first land sale, is a lottery. Why have a lottery? Alice wants to give everyone a chance to buy land at her first auction, not just the highest bidder.

Three lotteries ended on June 12, 2021, August 12, 2021, and October 11, 2021. First-time winners received 927 plots from 29,010,516 tickets.

In the second lottery, 36,584,066 tickets were issued for 1,000 plots. The third property sale lottery had 45,860,693 tickets and 1,000 winners.

To participate in the lottery, make sure you understand NFTs, the land sale lottery dashboard, MetaMask and the CHR token. Last, comprehend My Neighbor Alice and the ALICE token.

My Neighbor Alice cost?

My Neighbor Alice is free, but you may buy in-game stuff to customize your avatars and virtual plots. Windows 7 or above is required. Your PC or laptop must also have a 1024MB video card and 4GB of storage.

The game will be on gaming platforms and the Alice website. The entire game is scheduled for Spring 2022. Those that want to commercialize their gaming experience can add gamified finance and blockchain to the story.

Is My Neighbor Alice a DAO?

My Neighbor Alice uses the Chromia network and blends blockchain immutability and security with relational database efficiency.

Chromia Originals, the blockchain’s NFT standard, are data-rich and can be used as native assets on Chromia and as an Ethereum enhancement layer.

The Community Council, a DAO that establishes a democracy, will govern the game’s source code.

How to store My Neighbor ALICE?

ALICE can be traded on Ethereum exchanges and wallets. Ledger and Trezor are offline wallets. Software wallets are a free, easy-to-use alternative. Smartphone or desktop apps may be custodial or non-custodial.

Custodial wallets maintain and back up your private keys. Crypto heists are more likely with custodial wallets. Non-custodial wallets store private keys on your device employing security components and are preferable for inexperienced users.

Online wallets are free, easy to use, and accessible from any device with a web browser. Hot wallets are hazardous and less secure than hardware or software. MetaMask, a browser extension that permits Ethereum transactions on conventional websites, can also be used, especially while participating in an ALICE lottery event.

How much is My Neighbor Alice?

The ALICE token is the game’s primary unit of currency. Token holders are able to participate in the game in a variety of ways.

– Purchase Game Items

– Staking Rewards

– Play to earn

– Governance

Best exchanges to buy My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is available for trading on the following cryptocurrency exchanges, listed by trading volume and current price.

1 Binance $ 33.28 million

$ 2.92

2 AAX $ 10.04 million

$ 2.92

3 $ 1.04 million

$ 2.92

4 Bithumb $ 530,563.12

$ 2.98

5 Kucoin $ 407,022.04

$ 2.92


The most active 24 hour My Neighbor Alice markets, together with their current prices, across all crypto exchanges.



$ 25.73 million

$ 2.92



$ 10.04 million

$ 2.92



$ 3.35 million

$ 2.91



$ 3.11 million

$ 2.92


$ 1.02 million

$ 2.92


Combining intelligent contracts, NFTs, and games is an exciting use of blockchain technology. It’s a big, untapped market in its infancy.

My Neighbor Alice could become a successful blockchain-based effort if NFT’s popularity rises. How about an ALICE coin?

ALICE is a sensible investment, say NFT specialists, because it’s unique among blockchain-based games that use NFTs. As crypto markets are volatile, employ caution and do your research before investing.