How many cards are allowed in a Pokémon deck?

In Pokemon trading game world, there is a wide range of cards that you can choose from, diverse decks to explore during matches, and numerous rare cards to collect, there’s something for everyone. However, there are plenty of rules to understand and mechanics to learn first, which is the reason why you might be seeking the answer to: How many cards are allowed in a Pokemon deck? So to find the answer read on. 

How many cards are allowed in a Pokémon deck?

A Pokémon card deck consists of a total of 60 cards. You are allowed to include a maximum of four cards with the same name in your deck. For instance, if you decide to include four Pikachu cards in your deck, you can’t add any more Pikachu cards; this is the maximum allowed for that specific card. However, you can have four Pikachu cards and four Trainer cards with the same name because this rule applies to each unique card name individually.


Now that your aware about how many cards are allowed in a Pokemon deck, you can create your own deck and have fun battling against your opponents. Don’t stop your journey here, explore more strategies and opportunities to improve your gaming skills. 


What is a good Pokémon deck ratio?

Most decks typically have about 20 Pokémon, 25 trainer cards, and 15 energy cards for a balanced setup, but the exact numbers can vary based on your deck’s strategy. Sometimes, you might add more energy cards to prevent situations where you have too many Pokémon and too few energy cards in your hand. For example, a Blastoise/Keldeo-EX Deck at the 2012 City Championships had 14 Pokémon, 32 trainers, and 14 energy cards. It all depends on your game plan.

Can you mix Pokémon decks?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to include multiple different types of Pokémon in your deck. However, it’s important to note that some combinations may not work well together. For instance, using both Fairy and Grass types in the same deck can be challenging, it is actually not a good pair. If you go up against a Fire-themed deck, the Grass types would be vulnerable to fire attacks, making the Fairy Pokémon the only ones that can be effectively used in such a situation.