How Long Does Oculus Quest 2 Battery Last?

Want to know how long does Oculus Quest 2 battery last? The Oculus Quest 2 is one of the most sought-after VR gadgets of today. With enough battery, you’re able to enjoy its aspects for a long time without any outer connection. The headset, however, has faced a lot of complaints over its lack of longevity.

The great thing about a VR headset like the Quest 2 is that you can use it for a variety of things and not just gaming. But because it’s VR, expect it to use more battery power. You don’t have to worry though. 

There are easy ways to ensure that your battery won’t run out too soon and won’t go bad. Simply follow our tips and you’ll be all set.

This article explores the various aspects of the Oculus Quest 2 battery. You’ll find out how long does Oculus Ouest 2 battery last? why it drains out quickly and how you can improve it to make sure its longevity lasts longer.

How Long Does Oculus Quest 2 Battery Last?

How Long Does Oculus Quest 2 Battery Last

So how long does Oculus Quest 2 battery last? The battery life of your Oculus Quest 2 depends on a number of factors, but they usually last around 3 hours if you just stick to watching movies, playing games, or other media at low refresh rates.

But if you want a great game-playing experience, then it will last around two hours. This is because Oculus Quest will be using 120 Hz refresh times which will put pressure on your battery. 

However, if you want then you can also use it while charging. But keep in mind that it decreases the battery life of your Oculus Quest. 

How Do You Make The Oculus Quest 2 Battery Last Longer?

There are times when you don’t want to stop gaming, especially on Quest 2. Here’s how you can extend the battery life so you can play longer!

Twitch Some Settings

The Quest offers some fantastic features like disabling the auto-wake aspect. Such an option prevents your device from waking up when you don’t switch it on. There’s also an auto-sleep timer setting available so you can adjust it to the shortest amount of time possible.

Use The Official Charger

In order to charge Oculus Quest 2, it’s recommended that you use the genuine cable that came in the box. It’ll still work with any USB-C cable, too, but Meta urges users to go with the cable they sent with the gadget.

This simple trick will lead to an increase in battery life as it will help Oculus charge at the proper time and it won’t even suffer from any heating issues. 

Turn Off The Wi-Fi

Quest assets have multiple benefits, one of them being the ability to play most games offline. Use this feature to save power and help preserve the battery power so you can spend less time charging your device.

Unplug It Once The Charge Is Full

If you’re not using your device, unplug it/extinguish it from the charger as soon as it becomes charged to minimize any risk of damage. If you’re forgetful like me and leave it on a charge, the battery will lose its capacity over time and may run out quickly.

How Long Does It Take For An Oculus Quest 2 To Charge To 100%?

How Long Does It Take For An Oculus Quest 2 To Charge To 100%

The Oculus Quest 2 can typically be fully charged in about 2.5 hours using the included USB-C cable or a Quest 2 charging dock for the headset, controllers, and cables.

The preferred way of charging Oculus is using the charger that is supplied with the headset. It also includes an app that enables you to monitor progress and track when your device is fully charged.

Quest 2 has a battery life of 3-2 hours depending on what you’re doing. If you’re watching films or other media, you can expect to get up to three hours of use with the device. For games or running apps, it will only last between 2 and 2.5 Hours.


Why Is My Oculus Quest 2 Dying So Fast?

Some batteries such as Lithium Ion that are inserted in the Quest 2 degrade over time, causing them to run out faster. There are also some other factors that damage the battery life of Oculus Quest 2, including:

  • Any temperature over 30 degrees.
  • Unfortunately, every time you charge it, Lithium Ion can only be recharged around 300-500 times after being fully drained.
  • And last but not the least, charging the battery completely to 100%

Can I Leave Oculus Quest 2 Plugged In Overnight?

It’s safe to leave the Oculus Quest 2 plugged in overnight, but it’s not advisable to let the device charge for a full 24 hours. Keeping your device charged is important, but keeping it secure is even more important.

Can Oculus Quest 2 Be On Charge While Playing?

Generally, it’s OK to use while charging. Although, there are some exceptions, playing while charging can produce more heat, which can have the potential to damage your device over time as well as deplete its battery faster.


The battery can last up to 2 to 3 hours. The number depends on how you use it and the conditions on how it is used. It is possible that overcharging your device and keeping it connected can drain more power. 

Poor charging routine can also raise the device’s heat levels, which reduces battery life. But before that happens, you can keep your Oculus Quest alive through the tips in this article on how long does Oculus Quest 2 battery last?