How long does it take for Items to Despawn in Minecraft?

How long does it take for items to despawn in Minecraft? In Minecraft, gathering resources comes naturally. To survive and repel skeletons and ghosts, you’ll need them. However, in some circumstances, the items you collect vanish, forcing you to restart from scratch. For more information on the despawning features in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, continue reading.

Keep in mind that if you perish in a lava pit, a fire, or any other type of flame, you will lose all you’ve collected. Additionally, if something is dropped and not picked up within a predetermined window of time, this is applicable.

How long does it take for Items to Despawn in Minecraft?

How long does it take for items to despawn in Minecraft

It takes 5 minutes to take for items to Despawn in Minecraft.

A five-minute countdown (6000 in-game ticks) begins as soon as the chunk and the object inside it have loaded. The thing vanishes after five minutes.

In the game Minecraft, you must survive in order to gather enough resources to create the world you want. There are a variety of resources that you can find. Some of them are uncommon, while others are widely available. When it comes to surviving in general or against hordes, resources are crucial and gathering materials comes extremely naturally.

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How to prevent Items from Despawning in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

All is not lost in the domain of bricks and pixels. There are several techniques to prevent despawning:

  • Items should be kept in chests because they won’t despawn.
  • Never load the chunk where you died. 
  • Keep in mind that if you don’t load the Chunk, the 6,000 ticks won’t begin. 
  • So that time doesn’t pass, choose a different dimension for your new location.
  • Make use of name tags to stop despawning.

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How to keep your items from despawning


Despawning is a frustrating feature in Minecraft that, if you’re not careful, might make you want to rip your hair out. However, that is what distinguishes Minecraft as a brilliant game. You’re constantly kept alert by the game’s tough elements.

This guide has a few important lessons to be learned. Always keep your belongings in a chest out of precaution. Avoid wandering through areas of fire and lava while carrying any of your valuables.

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