How Hard is it to Sell NFT Art?

How hard is it to sell NFT art? Do you have this question in your mind too? Don’t worry, this post has your answers. 

Do you want to earn from NFTs? Get ready for a ride to the digital frontier, where enthusiasts like you are exploring new applications for cryptocurrencies and pushing the limits of technology and digital content production. Getting lucky and purchasing the correct NFTs has paid off richly for several speculative investors. However, in this post, you will learn about selling NFT art.

What are NFTs?



Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are crypto tokens that operate on a blockchain and cannot be reproduced, each with its own identifying code and metadata.

NFTs act similarly to communications or information tokens, but unlike altcoins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, they are not fungible.

NFTs are based on blockchain technology. Because of its unique construction, each NFT has the ability for a variety of uses. A digital asset management platform is a great way to digitally represent tangible assets like real estate and artwork. Since they are constructed on blockchains, NFTs can also act as identity management platforms in addition to changing intermediaries and linking artists to audiences. NFTs can eliminate intermediaries, improve transaction efficiency, and generate new markets.

NFTs are popular among cryptocurrency traders and art lovers. It can also be used to store digital files, game items, investment assets, and domain names.

Many celebrities, including Jack Dorsey, Shawn Mendes, and Snoop Dogg, have expressed interest in the NFT. They are providing securitized NFTs in addition to unique recollections and artwork.

NFTs have been there since 2014, but they are currently gaining appeal for a variety of reasons. The primary reason for this is that cryptocurrency is fungible, which implies that it can be traded or exchanged for another cryptocurrency.

Since NFT can be easily constructed from digital materials, it contains both tangible and intangible goods such as music, GIFs, artwork, tweets, and designer objects.

How Hard is it to Sell NFT Art?

How Hard is It to Sell NFT Art


The majority of those interested in creating and selling NFTs are digital artists. In short, if you don’t have a fanbase, selling an NFT can be difficult. You must find your customers, and they will not come just because you posted something on a market or site. 

However, here are the steps to sell an NFT successfully:

Step 1: Select a Marketplace 

First and foremost, you will have to select a good NFT marketplace.  There are numerous marketplaces, many of which specialize in a certain form of digital asset. OpenSea currently has the largest and most comprehensive NFT market.

Step 2: Create an NFT

Once you’ve decided on a marketplace, connect your financed cryptocurrency wallet, click the “Mint an NFT” button, and attach your digital file. Each marketplace’s method will be slightly different, but most will enable you to create an NFT with a few taps. Furthermore, if you want to passively monetize your work over time through royalties, you will normally specify that royalty level throughout the minting process.

Step 3: List Your NFT for Sale

After you’ve made your NFT, you’ll be given the choice to sell it on the marketplace. It is important to note that while you can move and sell your NFTs on other platforms, you may incur additional fees.

Follow the directions after clicking the “Sell” button. You’ll be able to give some transaction parameters here, such as the cost or auction time limit, as well as the cryptocurrency NFT purchasers can use to pay you. At this stage, the marketplace will compute any “gas fees,” which are fees charged by the Ethereum blockchain for storing transactions.

These gas fees vary according to how busy the blockchain network is at the time. The market will also mention its fees for handling the transaction, which is often a proportion of the final NFT sale price.

Step 4: Manage Your Listing

Your NFT will be available on the market once you finish the listing. You must now publicize the sale to potential customers via your website and social media platforms. You can also manage your NFT listing, but keep in mind that making changes or deleting the item may result in an additional price, and any gas fees you’ve previously paid aren’t refundable.

When to Sell an NFT?

The optimal time to sell an NFT is decided by its function and why you created or bought it in the first place. If you’re a digital creator or artist, minting and trading NFTs can be a new method to get compensated for your work, thus selling will be mostly determined by demand and what purchasers are willing to pay.

Keep track of customer interest to maximize your selling price, but take into account that gas costs can significantly limit your profit or even lead you to sell at a loss if the purchasing price isn’t strong enough.

When to Sell an NFT


High Ethereum network gas charges, for instance, have been a concern for several NFT producers, so don’t expect your sale to result in a profit.

It’s not easy to make money selling NFTs. Creating and trading your digitized work will entail Ethereum network and marketplace expenses, and trading NFTs might be risky due to the volatility of this new movement. However, if you’re a creative seeking a new way to expand your business, this area of the crypto world is worth investigating because it can open up new avenues for monetizing your skills.


NFTs can be purchased and sold on NFT markets like Rarible, OpenSea, and Foundation. Some of these are available to everyone, while others require an invitation. Some are only for painting, while others are only for video games. There is an NFT market for everybody, so do your homework and discover the ideal one for you.


Is selling NFT profitable?

Yes, selling an NFT can be profitable.

How long does it take to sell an NFT?

It takes around 5 mins

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