How does Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring?

How does Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring? In Elden Ring, weapon scaling is a crucial mechanic that allows players to unlock the full potential of their weapons, such as swords, hammers, bows, and arrows. 

Each weapon in the game has its own base stats, and scaling acts as a bonus stat that can be upgraded. In this post, you will learn how does Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring.

How does Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring?

Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring

Let’s jump to the answer to the question “How does Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring?” When examining a weapon’s details, you will notice a section called “Attack Power.” This displays the type of damage the weapon deals, such as Physical, Magic, Fire, Lightning, or Holy, along with the base damage for critical hits.

Next to the base damage, there is a plus sign followed by a separate number. The base damage can only be increased by upgrading the weapon using Smithing Stones at an anvil or Blacksmith.

The second number represents the bonus damage from scaling. Under the “Attack Power” section, you will find an “Attribute Scaling” area. This shows which attributes, such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane, will enhance the weapon’s power.

Each attribute is assigned a letter grade that indicates its effectiveness for scaling. A higher grade means that the attribute will significantly amplify the weapon’s damage. For example, if a weapon has an attribute scaling grade of E for Strength, increasing your Strength attribute will provide a minor boost to the weapon’s scaling damage. 

However, if the attribute scaling grade is A, investing in Strength will greatly amplify the scaling damage output of that weapon.


What is weapon scaling in Elden Ring?

Weapon scaling in Elden Ring refers to the mechanic where the power of a weapon is affected by specific attributes or stats of the player’s character. The more points invested in those attributes, the stronger the weapon becomes.

Does weapon scaling matter in Elden Ring?

Yes, weapon scaling matters in Elden Ring. It determines how much additional damage a weapon can deal with based on the player’s attributes. Investing in the appropriate attributes can significantly enhance the overall power and effectiveness of a weapon.

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