How Does Upland Work?

What is Upland? How does it work? Let’s learn about this blockchain game.

We’ll show you how to play Upland and go over the fundamentals to get you started with the famous blockchain game. Let us assist you in diving into the Upland virtual world with ease, if you want to earn money using the game’s play to earn model or just desire to purchase the virtual assets of your fantasies.

What is Upland?

what is upland

Upland is a blockchain-based game where players may purchase, sell, and trade virtual assets that are tied to real-world locations. Users may create properties and earn UPX currency by becoming “digital landowners.” Each property on the Upland platform is linked to an NFT via blockchain technology.

Upland is attempting to develop a market-based digital ecosystem that crosses the barriers between the actual and digital worlds, which sets it apart from many other innovative blockchain-based games on the rise.

Users may buy digital assets with cash or cryptocurrency (using the UPX token) and exchange them with other gamers within the game. It’s worth mentioning, though, that there was a point when there was no source of financing out your UPX tokens, you could only reinvest them in other properties that would earn you more UPX.

Tilia Pay, one of the company’s partners, specializes in assisting video game developers with developing in-world economies and monetizing their interactions with other gamers. This relationship now allows users to convert their assets back into real-world value, thereby bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Upland. Me’s members may sell their digital NFT assets using Second Life’s Tilia Pay payment platform, which accepts PayPal as a primary payment method. So, in Upland’s virtual world, users may theoretically acquire NFT representations of real estate and sell them for actual U.S. dollars.

The Property-to-USD beta program features three peak sales of roughly $1,000 USD each piece and is called the Property-to-USD beta program. Upland’s users have invested $29,250 USD on assets in the Upland virtual world since the game’s introduction, with an average spend of $39.50 USD. Now, let’s learn how does Upland work.

How Does Upland Work?

How does Upland work? It looks to be a simple process. People purchase UPX tokens with fiat money, then use it to buy digital properties, earn money, improve their properties to earn even more money, and ultimately sell their homes for cash.

However, selling assets is the sole option to pay out UPX tokens. Users may exchange their properties for cash currency. Upland, on the other hand, regularly gives UPX tokens to incentivize users to maintain their funds. These monthly proceeds are put into the users’ UPX accounts.

upland work

You may buy real estate NFTs with UPX coins or fiat money in the game. Users are required to verify their identity before selling assets for money. Users may transfer their fiat income to Paypal from their accounts when they successfully exchange real estate.

Another term in the game is “collection,” which refers to a job devised by the game’s inventor. The return on UPX coins grows as users obtain all properties in a collection. Nevertheless, due to property constraints or high prices, completing a collection is now becoming incredibly hard. In order to acquire these unusual residences, users may have to bargain with the proprietors.

The Upland marketplace is the place to go if you’re seeking real-estate NFTs. Each player is also given an explorer droid, which goes to other areas in the game to discover new areas. People may also sell assets and respond to offers on the exchange.

What is UPX?

what is upx

Upland’s main currency is the UPX. It may be generated as interest on assets you own and is used to buy and exchange property with other users. For the sake of comparison, 1000 UPX is about equal to 1 USD.

UPX is a cryptocurrency token that users will soon be able to exchange for fiat cash, unlike the game’s virtual assets (which are NFTs). The beta edition of this function is already available to some gamers. 

Once you reach Uplander status, which is achieved by amassing a net worth of 10,000+ UPX, all UPX operations are recorded on the EOS network. Users are regarded as Visitors prior to this stage and must turn Uplanders to actually own their UPX and asset NFTs.

How to Get UPX?

UPX may be bought using fiat money, specific cryptos, or gained through the sale of real estate. Treasure hunts and properly finished collections can also award you UPX, which we’ll go into later. As per the Upland plan for 2022, as the game develops, there will be many more methods to get UPX.

You will be able to receive UPX interest on each asset every 3 hours. The normal amount is 17 percent of a property’s mint price every year, however active collecting see larger earnings.

The amount of interest earned is determined by the size and location of the property. Your UPX profits will continue to accumulate even if you don’t collect them immediately away, so there’s no requirement to earn money every time the game permits it.


Upland players may now exchange NFT-backed virtual assets based on real-world locales thanks to its relationship with Tilia Pay. Upland is gaining traction in a variety of rapidly emerging blockchain-based games, including over 10,000 daily active players and over 40,000 monthly active members.