How Does Farmers World Make Money?

How does Farmers World make money? Continue reading to find the answer. 

If you love Farm games, you must try the first farm game of the NFT world – Farmers World. You will get a whole new experience of the Farmers World NFT ecosystem. You can play this game to earn money by selling NFTs on the marketplace. 

What is Farmers World Game?

What is Farmers World Game


Farmers World is the first farm game available on the NFTs ecosystem. Choose appropriate tools for yourself, exploit various resources, purchase land to develop massive farms, and enjoy the exciting adventures of a farmer working in Farmers World’s Ecosystem.

It is a mining game with 3 in-game tokens: food, wood, and gold. Each has its unique function and can be traded within the game.

The majority of your time is spent utilizing NFT tools to obtain the three resources, purchasing NFT Land Plots to plant food, and raising NFT animals. You can also sell your gained NFTs for WAX on the secondary marketplace.

Farmers World does not have a storyline, but it was inspired by an ancient manuscript called “Manuscript No4848” preserved in the National Library of Brazil. 

The paper describes a mystery society that is adjusting to living in the Amazon jungle. It describes a stone statue of a young guy with “no beard,” earthquakes, and other natural catastrophes – it’s a little complicated.

Farmers World takes place at the early stages of the strange, ancient civilization. As a player, you must construct your civilization by chopping down trees, collecting fish, farming, and mining gold. In reality, you’re doing these activities in the hopes of earning some actual money.

How Does Farmers World Game Work?

How Does Farmers World Game Work


The farmer who lives in the Farmers World ecology is the game’s main character. To begin playing, users must have a tool. In Farmers World, players must select tools to explore resources; it is also possible to purchase land on which to develop farms. An axe and a fishing rod are required to begin the game.

Game Mechanics 

Fighting-to-win games introduce play-to-win concepts. While waiting for the harvest, players can visit other farms and compete for resources with other players. Since gamers must also keep an eye out for intruders and protect their own crops.


Farm simulators have long been a popular gaming genre, possibly due to their rigorous action and skinner box reward systems. Players plant and cultivate goods so that they have tangible reasons to return. Farmers World used several innovative marketing strategies to generate awareness before the game went live.

Rewards are classified into 4 types:

Level 1 – Bronze Member (Common)

Level 2 – Silver Limb (Rare)

Level 3 – Gold Member (Rare)

Level 4 – Diamond Member (Epic)

How Does Farmers World Make Money?

Farmers World is, at its core, a farming game in which players utilize their Energy and Tools to obtain materials that may be swapped in-game or sold in the marketplace.

How Does Farmers World Make Money


Earning money can be done in 2 ways:

Mine Resources

Collect wood, food, or gold to sell in the market. You can also use the Exchange option to exchange the materials for other materials in the game, like Wood for Gold. 

Raise Animals and Cultivate Crops

Farm animals and produce can be sold in the secondary marketplace. There are cows, chicks, bulls, maize, barley, and many other animals. Animal resources, like milk for wheat, can also be swapped.

As of February 2022, if you wish to mine gold, you’ll need between $1,500 and $2,000 to get started. 

To mine Gold in-game, you’ll need a Mining Excavator, which can be purchased for around $1,600 (around 4,700 WAX) on AtomicHub’s market.

Beginning with Wood, Food, and Farm holdings are recommended for new gamers because it doesn’t take as much money up front unless you’re fine throwing several thousand dollars into the game straight away.

What is Farmers World’s Token?

The token required to play Farmer’s World is WAX. WAX is a blockchain and protocol token designed specifically for this purpose. WAX is used to purchase NFTs for Farmers World.

What are The Farmers World NFTs?

Farmers World includes a plethora of NFTs, including animals, tools, wearables, and more. Here are a few examples:

  • Beginner pack
  • Chicken pack
  • Spotlight pack
  • Baby calf
  • Corn
  • Corn seed
  • Barley
  • Barley seed
  • Coop
  • Farm plot
  • Bull
  • Farmer coin

How to Buy NFTs on Farmers World?

Farmers World NFTs can be purchased with WAX on the AtomicHub marketplace.

There are two straightforward ways to access the AtomicHub NFT markets:

  1. Choose the blue Atomic button from your game menu and go straight to the marketplace to look for Farmers World NFTs.
  2. Visit to learn more.

The costs of these NFTs vary greatly. A user offered a Bull for more than $40,000 (122,000 WAX), which is comparable to the cost of a new vehicle. Other NFTs, such as Farm Plots, are less expensive, costing around $20 per plot.

To purchase and sell NFTs on the AtomicHub market, you must have a crypto wallet, which supports 3 wallets: Anchor, WAX Cloud Wallet, and Scatter.

How to Sell Farmers World NFTs?

It’s as simple as clicking the blue Atomic button on your menu, linking your WAX wallet, and placing your NFTs for sale. Alternatively, you can link your wallet to and trade NFTs that way.

To trade NFTs on AtomicHub, you’ll need one of 3 wallets: WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor, or Scatter.

We searched the Farmers World collection postings from low to high, and the lowest listing we found was less than 0.01 WAX (roughly equal to $0 USD). The higher-priced offerings typically range from 800,000 to 400,000 WAX (approximately $98,000 to $49,000 USD). To put it simply, prices are all over the place.

Mining Excavators, Armer Coins, and Member Cards are the most expensive NFTs.


Now that you know how to earn money by playing Farmers World, you can get right into it. However, before entering the game, watch a youtube tutorial on the gaming features to properly grasp the game.

Want to know if Farmers World is Free to Play? Click on the link.