How do you get Wolverine claws in Elden Ring?

How do you get Wolverine claws in Elden Ring? When used by an Elden Ring player, hook claws evoke images of Wolverine from the X-Men. The unusual weapon consists of a piece of wood worn on the character’s hands and tipped with six razor-sharp claws, three on each side. Strength and Dexterity are the primary stats with which it scales.

Its vicious cuts can cause further blood loss on top of the harsh physical damage it does. The two-handed weapon is located in Stormveil Castle and is a fun nod to Wolverine’s comic book origins.

How do you get Wolverine claws in Elden Ring?

How do you get Wolverine claws in Elden Ring

How do you get Wolverine claws in Elden Ring? As lethal as the Hookclaws themselves are, so is the description that comes with them. Go to Stormveil Castle to get your hands on that deadly pair of claws. A quick exit can be found to the left of the dangerous castle at the Place of Grace.

Go there quickly and sit down on Stormveil Cliffside. Climb the shaky steps and get ready to fight. When the player ascends, the attackers at the top will launch unprovoked attacks, and the staircase’s narrowness makes it easy for anyone to lose their footing and plummet to their doom.

Take care of them and stay upright to enter the chamber at the top of the stairs. Once the area is free, proceed through the door on the right and turn left. The following area contains an axe-wielding foe that must be defeated. Go to the left corner of the Elden Ring to finish it off properly and discover a body. Once the Hookclaws weapon is taken from that body, it will be put into the player’s Inventory. The bosses of Elden Ring can now be quickly dispatched with these weapons.

Are the wolverine claws in Elden Ring good?

As you would have guessed, the Hookclaws are a claw weapon, and their use calls for 8 Strength and 14 Dexterity. One claw can be used with a shield, or two claws can be equipped in each hand for rapid, aggressive assaults with significant blood damage added in.

The Hookclaws specializes in using a weapon ability known as “Quickstep,” which is relatively standard. It’s much like Bloodborne’s dodge in that it lets you easily sidestep or sneak up behind foes for a rapid counterattack.

The Hookclaws is a type of weapon worn on the fist, made up of sharp parallel blades. Large amounts of blood can be lost from a laceration. Two-handing this item will give you a claw weapon in each hand, as claw weapons typically come in pairs.

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How do I equip Wolverine claws?

How do I equip Wolverine claws

How do you get Wolverine claws in Elden Ring? As well as having Quick-Step Ash of War, Hookclaws scales significantly with strength and Dexterity. The dash is slightly faster than the dodge roll, allowing the user to position himself better for a killing blow. Unfortunately, you will lose some FP whenever you use the Dash weapon art of Hookclaws; this should be fine because each usage costs only 3.

In addition to a powerful heavy attack combo, this move allows you to perform a spectacular aerial jump that will have you looking every bit as much like Wolverine as possible. Hookclaws are a unique weapon that may be enchanted with powerful spells to increase strength and awesomeness. Plus, they have a great style, no doubt.

Hookclaws, as was noted before, is a Dex weapon rather than an STR weapon. Dex C-scaling is already applied to this weapon and can be upgraded even more at the Blacksmith. Number-cruncher? This Claw category weapon has 60 Bleed Build, which is higher than the Uchigatana, the starting weapon of the Samurai class. The weapon’s standard attack deals 89 points of physical damage, with a critical hit selling an additional 110 points.

Those that prefer a blood build or pure dexterity build will have a great time with Hookclaws in the early to mid-game of Elden Ring. However, as you go through the game, you have access to various claw-category weapons that can serve as adequate substitutes for hook claws in Elden Ring. Hookclaws are less effective than other types of Claw weapons, such as Raptor Talons, Venomous Fang, and Bloodhound Claws. This may not be the most potent claw weapon later on, but it is the finest early-game option.


This was all about how do you get Wolverine claws in Elden Ring. The best weapons, talismans, and armor sets in Elden Ring have the same effect on player strategy as in previous soulsborne games. Every conceivable type of weapon, from fist weapons to medium-sized swords to large hammers and swords, is available to players. When most soiled ones go for the biggest guns, it’s important to remember that even the most miniature weapons, like hook claws, have their unique play style. To that end, we’ve included information on where to get Elden Ring Hookclaws early in the game and how to improve the weapon so that it may be used effectively throughout the rest of the game. Thanks for stopping by.

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How do I quickly obtain claws in the Elden Ring?

You’ll find the Hookclaws not far from the castle’s prologue in Stormveil. Make sure to enter the castle through the secret door Gatekeeper Gostoc suggests. Take a few stairs up and into the first interior section of the castle as you make your way through the eroding rocks.

Which claw in the Elden Ring is the best?

The following is a ranking of every Claw weapon in Elden Ring and how well it performs in general.

  1. Bloodhound Claws
  2. Venomous Fang
  3. Hookclaws
  4. Raptor Talons