How do you get Wakizashi in Elden Ring?

How do you get Wakizashi in Elden Ring? Every weapon in the Elden Ring has its unique set of statistics, skills, and other attributes, and there are an absurd number of them to find. When you add in Ashes of War and Affinities, the possible permutations and Elden Ring configurations become practically infinite.

The weapons of the Land of Reeds, Elden Ring’s equivalent to Japan, are among the most exciting and unusual in the world. The Wakizashi, a shorter and thinner variant of the Katana, shares the same speed and Blood Loss accumulation as its larger sibling. Combined with another Wakizashi or Katana, the Wakizashi can allow for some unique builds in the Elden Ring.

How do you get Wakizashi in Elden Ring?

How do you get Wakizashi in Elden Ring

How do you get Wakizashi in Elden Ring? Players who want to use the Wakizashi as part of an Elden Ring construct must travel to the Caelid region. Gaol Cave is under the rock beside the Scarlet Rot’s little lake, east of Fort Gael. Vulgar Militants, Rats, and explosive Putrid Corpses populate the Cave, which can only be accessed with two Stonesword Keys.

Throughout their time in the Cave, players will come across several closed cells; these cells will remain inaccessible until they reach the built-up area and pull the corresponding lever. Gamers should descend off the platform and enter the doorway on the right after pulling the lever. At the next drop, go to your left; the cell holding the Wakizashi and another Stonesword Key will be the first on the left.

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How easy is it to get Wakizashi?

How easy is it to get Wakizashi

When the player activates the switch, every prison door in the Cave immediately unlocks. In one freed prison cell, the player can find the Wakizashi, opening up a new set of routes and loot places. As a further warning to Elden Ring gamers, all enemies imprisoned in the Cave will suddenly free themselves. Players should be wary, as these foes can self-detonate, making any nearby foes explode as well. How do you get Wakizashi in Elden Ring?

Players should either eliminate them before they detonate or take cover if one explodes. You’ll need 9 Strength and 13 Dexterity to use a Wakizashi effectively. Wakizashi is primarily a Strength and Dexterity scaling weapon in the Elden Ring. This is an excellent weapon for those who choose to focus on Dexterity.

The Ash of War Quickstep, which comes standard on the Wakizashi, lets you dodge without using the roll button. It mimics the backstep’s animation but grants invulnerability to damage for a limited time. You can use this Ash of War to easily backstab or dodge-maneuver your foes, as detailed in the item’s description.

What is the point of Wakizashi?

As a Dagger, Wakizashi can be used in the Elden Ring. The Wakizashi is a melee weapon that excels at close range and scales well with Strength and Dexterity. First, you’ll learn the Quickstep, a technique that’s great for dodging blows and creating space for more.

The blade of this short sword has been tempered to look like a pattern. A knife only used by the bravest of the Reed Kingdom. That hit will suffer blood loss as a result. Weapons of secondary importance, these swords are used for a variety of purposes. One man, though, is known to use both a regular katana and this weapon, switching between them with his left hand. Okina, the mysterious demonic swordsman.


This concludes our discussion on how do you get Wakizashi in Elden Ring. In close-quarters battle, nothing beats the Wakizashi, a Dagger in the Elden Ring that may naturally cause Blood Loss. This weapon primarily scales with Strength and Dexterity, comes standard with Quickstep, and can be infused with any Ash of War related to Daggers. 

Although it can’t be Powerstanced with other Daggers, the Wakizashi can be used with another Wakizashi or a Katana. By power staging, a Katana with this Dagger, stamina consumption for attacks is reduced by 20% compared to utilizing two Katanas, but melee reach is diminished as a result. Tarnished must investigate the Gaol Cave in the Elden Ring for the Wakizashi Dagger.

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Is Wakizashi good in the Elden Ring?

The Elden Ring Wakizashi is a superb weapon for dual-wielders, and any Dexterity builds because it is the dagger counterpart to the Katana.

Is wakizashi better than katana?

Because of its versatility, the Wakizashi may be a power stance with either a Katana or a second Wakizashi, and it shares the same moveset with twin Katanas but has its own set of advantages. The primary one is that players can make a Katana-based parrying build with the Wakizashi by using Ash of War: Parry.

Can you parry with Wakizashi?

If you locate a Wakizashi dagger in the Gaol Cave, you can power-stance it with a katana in your right hand and use it as if it were a second blade by holding it in your left hand. However, if you apply the Art of War Parry on the Wakizashi, you can use it as a parrying weapon even when using two weapons at once.