How do you get the Wolf Mask in Elden Ring?

How do you get the Wolf Mask in Elden Ring? Armor is abundant in the Elden Ring, and you’ll want to equip your hero with the finest pieces. The Black Wolf Mask is one of the most elusive artifacts because it is not part of any more extensive collection.

Although this item has the same model as the rest of the Blaidd set, it does not drop with the rest of the armor. Therefore, locating the Black Wolf Mask becomes marginally more difficult. We’ve broken down exactly where in Elden Ring to look for the Black Wolf Mask.

How do you get the Wolf Mask in Elden Ring?

How do you get the Wolf Mask Elden Ring

After slaying Blaidd at Ranni’s Rise, you should immediately go for the southeast. If you can’t make it, head to Ranni’s Rise as soon as possible and then southeast. Proceed to the southeast until you reach a second tower called Seluvis’s Rise.

You’ll notice that the tower’s entrance is wide open; moreover, you should wait to enter. Instead, grab Torrent and head to the fractured rocks on the tower’s left to begin your jumping. If you want to find a body with something on it, you’ll have to keep leaping on this shattered rock wall. The Black Wolf Mask, which completes Blaidd’s suit of armor, will be the item in question.

You can find an additional suit of armor and a Bell Bearing inside the tower. You can discover the answer in our previous tutorial if you’re wondering what to do with your first Bell Bearing in Elden Ring. Enjoy your wolf form while it lasts in the Lands between.

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How do you get the Black Wolf Mask Elden Ring?

How do you get the Black Wolf Mask Elden Ring

The Black Wolf Mask may be found on the south-facing crumbling wall of Seluvis’s Rise, behind the tower. Even if it doesn’t always come with the other components of the Blaidd set when it drops, you can find it quite close to the locations where the others do. Reach the top of Seluvis’ Tower and leap to the ground below.

The mask on the body is now yours for the taking. True believers in Blaidd’s Set will recognize the Black Wolf Mask as a part of that collection. Blaidd’s Gauntlets, Blaidd’s Armor, and Blaidd’s Greaves completed the ensemble.

In reality, though, the Ranni quest chain is connected to the Blaidd armor set. You’ll have gathered everything but the helmet near the end of her tasks. You’ll need to head to Seluvis’s Rise, a tower in the area. Climb the watchtower’s peak and comb the crumbling retaining wall for clues.

The only way to reach the ground below is to leap from the tower’s edge. The body should be located near the tower’s rear from that vantage point. Obtain the Black Wolf Mask by pillaging it.

The Black Wolf Mask is one of those things that can be found in any environment simply by wandering around. You might find it at the very start of Ranni’s journey. After you’ve finished your business in Ranni’s tower, Seluvis will sarcastically welcome you to his house. If you decide to visit us, you must enter and get the mask by following the steps above. Unfortunately, even though it would be convenient to have the remaining pieces of the armor set, you will not have them. 


Helm-wise, Elden Ring features the Black Wolf Mask. The Black Wolf Mask, included in Blaidd’s Set, is not Blaidd’s head, despite its resemblance to him. You will be able to complete the set once you track down this individual component. The Black Wolf Mask provides the wearer with several practical defensive benefits and alters their appearance. Some forms of protection may be usable by both male and female characters. However, they may have subtle aesthetic or functional differences.

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