How do you get the Shard of Alexander in Elden Ring?

How do you get the Shard of Alexander in Elden Ring? You will only get very far in Elden Ring if you count on your steel and armor alone, no matter what build you’ve constructed for your character. Because of this, you should use Ashes of War and other skills that enhance your weapons with new abilities.

It would help if you also used artifacts like Talismans, which grant bonuses to specific stats and make combat easier. The Shard of Alexander is a powerful talisman that increases the damage of all skills by 15%. If it sounds like something your character might use, read on to learn how to do it.

How do you get the Shard of Alexander in Elden Ring?

How do you get the Shard of Alexander Elden Ring

The Shard of Alexander Talisman may be obtained in the Elden Ring by completing the questline for Alexander the Iron Fist. There’s that big clay guy that can talk, Alexander. You first encounter him in Limgrave’s northern region as you walk down a valley squished between two cliff sides and hear someone calling for aid from above. Following the voice up the cliffside will lead you to a hole where Alexander is trapped. Hit him to liberate him, and you’ll begin Alexander’s questline.

This quest arc spans the whole game, so be aware that it will take time and effort. To progress through Alexander’s questline, you’ll need to run into him in several different areas at various times. Spoilers ahead for the lengthy questline required to obtain the Shard of Alexander talisman.

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After rescuing him from the pit in Limgrave, he will be waiting for you in Caelid’s Gael Tunnel. The grace location is at the bottom of the cave, so make your way there. Keep exploring these passages until you reach a sizable chamber with a pair of doors. The enormous double doorway on the right will initiate a boss encounter, while Alexander can be found behind the smaller door on the left.

Now our clever clay sphere is imprisoned behind a narrow door. Engage him in conversation until you’ve heard all he has to say, and then return to the Grace Site to reset it. Now that the Radahn Festival has begun, Alexander has made his way to Redmane Castle. Come here to engage in the legendary Starscourge Radahn boss encounter, which allows you to call upon other NPCs to aid you in his defeat. One of these is Alexander, whom you should contact to find out where he has moved.

The next time you visit Liurnia, the land of lakes, you will run into Alexander to the west. Just south of the Carian Research Institute, everyone’s favorite clay pot has trapped itself again. This time, he’s entangled; you’ll need to hurl an Oil Pot at him to free him. After defeating the Magma Wyrm boss, you will find Alexander atop Mount Gelmir, to the left of the lava. He will reveal his last and final location if you soak some damage on the lava and talk to him.

What does Shard of Alexander do Elden Ring?

What does Shard of Alexander do Elden Ring

After learning how you get the Shard of Alexander Elden Ring, let us learn what it does. In the Elden Ring, talismans are equippable artifacts that grant a passive ability or buff to the player’s character. These items are crucial to any composition since they can add various passive bonuses to your play.

The Shard of Alexander is one such artifact. This talisman is a must-have for some weapons because of its increased attack strength. However, getting this item is a lengthy procedure that requires players to invest a lot of time into the game.


As previously noted, the Shard of Alexander is a talisman that increases the damage dealt by your skills. The Shard of Alexander is not gained by destroying any boss or level in the game. To obtain this equipment, you must complete the quest for the warrior jar Alexander or Iron Fist Alexander.

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