How do you get a Mystic AXIE?

If you are interested in Axie Infinity, you must learn about its gameplay and classes first. In this article, we will talk about Mystic Axie. What is Mystic Axie? Why are they preferred by players? Learn everything about Axie infinity gameplay and Mystic Axie in this post. Let’s get started.

What is a Mystic Axie?

Every Axie Infinity player in their course of ‌gameplay is intrigued by one question which is “What is a Mystic Axie?”. This type of Axie renders a special place in each player’s gaming journey due to its uniqueness, rarity, mysteriousness, and peak benefits in the game.

The Origin

Players seem to love limited items such as Origins. Launched in the year 2018 in April, Axie Infinity developers sold the Beast, Plant, and Aquatic Origin axis at an average price rising from 22eth  to 42eth. The Origin Axies are one of a kind in which each Axie has 6 different parts such as mouth, horn, eyes, back, ears, and tail.

It was a presale gimmick in the game where there was a chance for a player’s Origin Axie to form a Mystic part. There was a 1 in 18th chance for one or more of the Origin parts to spawn as a Mystic part. In the base level of the game, the Mystic parts resemble ‌the non-mystic parts that they were etched from. Nevertheless, one can notice discrete differences visually on such unique parts.

AOC or Axie Origin coins are given out to the players as referrals, or if someone has bought an Axie using the referral you have given, this was the only avenue that let the players obtain Rare Class Origin. A 5-to-1 ratio was used to redeem an Origin Axie with the AOC coins.  There are a total number of 4088 Origin Axies and every Axie is designated with a unique tag, and it also holds a special victory gesture when they win in ‌Arena battles. 


The title of Mystic was allotted‌ only for the most discrete and rarest Axies; however now in the game, rare land chunks and even assets are termed as mystic if their origin is unique. In Lunacia the apex of rarity is reached by the Mystic Axies. One can hold a Mystic Axie by redeeming AOCs. there should be an approximate 1453 number of Mystic Axies in number to be in the game. 

Since there is a presence of AOCs, there can be under 100 Mystic Axies that can still be created. There is a 29% chance of drawing a rare Mystic Axie but the chance to draw more than one Mystic Axie is sparse. The chances of owning ‌a certain number of Mystic Axies or parts are as the following:

Single Mystic = 25.04%

Double Mystic = 3.68%

Triple Mystic = 0.28%

Quad Mystic = 0.0127%

5x Mystic = 0.000299%

6x Mystic = 1 chance in 34,012,224

Mystic parts

The Mystic parts are the usual Axie parts, but with a ‌unique change. In ‌levels 2 to 4, the difference between the normal parts and the mystic parts becomes more and more distinct. 

Upgrade of Parts

There’s still a lot of speculation regarding what these parts will do for the Axies; however, we do not know as of yet if the mystic parts are the only parts that can level up to legendary level 4. Compared to base parts, the level 4 mystic parts are extremely one of a kind and exaggerated while housing extraordinary powers within it. 

Which Axies should I buy?

Factors based on which one should Buy Axies:

Stats, and Class

The defining attribute of an Axie is its stats; an Axie with an incredible stat would help one win tournaments, whereas low stats make the Axie of ‌poor use in the game. The following are the stats based on which an Axie is measured:

  • Health points (HP) 

The implications of HP are similar in all the games; it points out how buff and resistant to damage an Axie is. Tanks in Axie infinity have higher HP to absorb all the damage; however, HP can be compromised when the Axie inflicts more damage on other Axies.

  • Speed

In the tournaments and battles, the Axie which goes first is determined by the speed of the Axie whereas the Axie with the highest speed goes first. The chances of getting inflicted with a critical hit also reduce with an increased amount of speed. The lower the speed the affinity of the Axies is to go last in the battle due to which they have an increased chance of taking a critical hit, therefore one must effectively check ‌‌the stats of each Axie before playing the game.

  • Skill

Skills add damage, which is a bonus to ‌combo attacks, skills determine the number of moves an Axie makes in a single round. 

  • Morale

This determines the last stand turn and the increased chance of taking in a critical hit. This happens after an Axie dies, where they turn into ‌Last Stand mode, which lets the Axie perform a few more moves based on the cards before finally being eliminated from the round.

HP and Speeds are the two most important stats that the player must keep in mind; followed by Skill and Morale; the latter does not decrease the value of the Axie to that extent, whereas the Speed and HP determine the efficiency and strength of an Axie.

There are 9 classes of Axies in the game Axie infinity 

  1. Plant 
  2. Aquatic 
  3. Beast
  4. Reptile
  5. Bug
  6. Bird
  7. Dusk
  8. Mech
  9. Dawn

The first 6 are termed as normal classes, whereas the 3, in the end, are termed as secret classes, which can be obtained only by breeding 2 pure breed Axies from two different classes. The classes in the Axie Infinity are very similar to the classes of Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game, were similar to Axie Infinity, each class is either stronger or weaker than the other class.

Dusk is considered the best class in the game; since it is a secret class, they can be expensive and cumbersome to breed. Therefore, it’s the best decision to choose your starter Axies from the Beast, Bird, and Plant classes, since the Beast and the Bird classes are good at attacks, whereas the Plant types make excellent tanks.


The more one decides to spend, the better the team and the strength of the Axies will be, a significant factor in choosing the Axies. Price determines the quality of the team that can be built. For example: While writing this article, the cheapest Mystic Axie costs 17.46 Ethereum, which is $39,493; and the most expensive Mystic Axie with 4 Mystic parts costs a whopping 1500 Ethereum, which is $3,394,346.

The cost will differ per day and the number of Mystic Axies will not increase. This only means that with the onset of more time, the Mystic Axies will get ‌rarer and will hold more value.

Breed Count

Breed count is intermeshed with the purity of the Axies. If the breed count is high, it means that the Axie had more offspring. Each breeding session becomes more expensive to avoid inflation of the Axies; hence the breed count helps to decide if an Axie will be bred in the future or not. The cost of breeding entails is counted based on the number of Smooth Love Potions (SLP) needed. While breeding it takes 4 AXS and SLP.  


Purity is a factor that tells how close to ‌class and unadulterated an Axie is. It is smart to get an Axie that is high on purity since the Axie will then have abilities that are pure to the particular class and not mixed and lowered in case of axies that are not pure. If it is not pure, it will act in a mixed fashion, and ‌breeding will become less valuable. 

Collecting Rare and Supply-Limited Axies

Every Axie in Axie Infinity is a unique NFT that can be kept or collected based on the player’s objective with the game. There are a plethora of rare Axies as follows:

Origin Axies and Mystic Axies 

There cannot be more than 4088 Origin Axie therefore it is a limited digital item. There is a special tag that the Origin Axies come with and they have special victory poses when they win in ‌battle.

An Axie is called Mystic when there are special Mystic body parts found on ‌Origin Axies. These are special body parts that cannot be created or inherited.

Holiday Axies

These Axies were formed in the 2018 and 2019 wintertime when there was a special winter breeding event. These Axies are very rare with capped supplies and animations.

Japanese Axies

After the Ronin wallet migration, these Axies were not formed anymore. Before Ronin players could breed special Axies with Japanese parts which could still be bought from the marketplace.

MEO Axies

These Axies can be bred without any SLP and they are born from eggs that are found in the Axie Egg Labs the utility of these Axies lies in the fact that new body parts are introduced into the game through them.

Agamogenesis Axies

Referred to as the King of Axies this axie only exists 3 in number and is the most expensive among all the axies in the marketplace.


There are multifaceted factors and choices of Axies that can be chosen to embark on your Axie Infinity Journey, in this article we learn about the various factors that need to be considered when buying an Axie for the first time, including a series of rare collectible and limited supply Axies that can add to the robust collection of the players.

In the ever-surging play-to-earn craze in the gaming domain, Axie Infinity has left an impact with its diverse variations of Axies and a game that holds various choices of unique items to choose from.