How do you Breed Terminator Axie?

Axies, which are a part of Axie Infinity, like real-life pets, can be bred to produce new offspring. These descendants can be used to fight, breed new offspring, or sell on our marketplace. In this article, we will learn how to breed Terminator Axie.

How Do You Breed Terminator Axie?

  • Breeding does have specific resource standards to handle the Axie population.
  • Only 7 times could an Axie be bred.
  • Smooth Love Potions and Breeds both cost 1 AXS.

Please keep in mind that breeds require a gas fee, depending on how much the Ethereum network is used.

Smooth Love potions can be obtained by playing the game in PvE Adventure and PvP Arena modes. You can sync people to your pocket from this page once you’ve earned them.

Please keep in mind that siblings are not allowed to breed together, and parents cannot breed with their offspring!

The overall number of breeds for both parental figures will evaluate the price of breeding two Axies. Origin and MEO Axies need not necessitate Love Potions to breed, but they are now limited to seven breeds each.

Axie, what is a Terminator Reptile?

An Axie with two stuns, a slow, and many armors is a Terminator. They are powerful when pitted against other Axies in a one-on-one battle. The Axie has a high damage defense as well as debuffs. It also has a slow attack speed and stuns the opponent multiple times. Because of their energy efficiency, this class and build are unique. Many players have wondered why a Terminator combination is so powerful late in the game. The Terminator Reptile Axie is the most popular build, and it has the following moves.

How is Class determined?

For class, there have been no recessive genes. When a baby is born, they have a 50% chance of having each of their parents’ classes. If both parents are in the same lesson, the baby will be in the same class. A Beast/Aquatic pair has a 50% chance to produce a Beast and a 50% opportunity of making an Aquatic.

How do you get rid of Termi Axies?

With some mental gymnastics, Termi Axies can be defeated. Owners of Terminator Axies want to be the last ones standing, so use backline-targeting or speed-targeting cards to surprise them.

You can also defeat Termis by defeating two mates in a hurry. Going 2v1 against a Terminator Axie will allow you to win, as one Axie will focus on breaking its shield while the other will explode with damage.

That’s the best-case scenario for you if you’re in a 1v1 fight with a Termi and your last Axie has had any 0-energy card.

What should we remember when breeding?

Many players aim to create powerful Axies for battle. Choosing good Players, Attackers, and Assistance Axies are all part of this process. Do you want a quick rundown of the various battle archetypes? Here’s where you can find our gameplay guide!

Before we begin fighting, we must first comprehend Axie’s genetic structure. Axies have two recessive traits and one dominant trait (R1 and R2). The dominant trait is the one that shows up visually on the Axie. The predominant phenotype has the highest chance of being passed down to the Axie child, 37.5 percent, similar to humans.

The R1 characteristic has a 9.375 percent chance of appearing, while the R2 trait has a 3.125 percent chance of appearing. The Axies have some randomness built-in, but it’s a tiny proportion.

Let’s look at an example to understand the breeding process better. The Axie’s class (plant, beast, etc.) has a 50% chance of passing down when they breed. This means that if a beast and a plant are bred, the offspring will have a 50% chance of becoming a beast and a 50% possibility of being a plant.

Let’s take a look at an example.

I’ve wanted to breed a strong defender for a while now.

As a first step, we looked through my collection for Axies that, when bred around each other, would produce an Axie capable of trying to take a lot of harm. We were specifically looking for high-HP Axies with high-defense or self-healing cards, as this would enable them to soak up more damage.

We chose the two Axies mentioned above. Both Axies have a high HP stat—we consider anything above 54 to be high and anything between 57 and 61 extremely high. They both have self-healing abilities and at least three cards with a defense rating of 80 or higher! The breed cost is 300 SLP +.005 ETH because one is a virgin, and the other has only been bred once. We were optimistic that the baby would’ve been worth more than this, so we proceeded with the breeding!

Please remember that some players are only interested in making the most beautiful babies they can! It’s all in the eyes of society when it comes to beauty (sometimes).

To breed, simply navigate to the site for Axies in your inventory and click on it.

  • After that, select “Breed.”
  • Then choose an Axie to go with it!

Parts of the Mystic and Holiday

Some parts of the body cannot be passed down through the generations. These are Mystic parts and body parts from our special Holiday breeding events as of January 2020.

Will there be Terminator Axies in version 2.0?

Sky Mavis announced recently that Axie Infinity version 2.0 would be implemented soon. During a developer live stream, they warned that the meta would be thrown off as the game transitions to a new era of PvP. As a result, it’s possible that Terminator Axie won’t be playable in the next version.

It’s even possible that Terminator Axies won’t exist in the future! Is this a positive or negative development? It’ll always be better to balance the game to help keep people healthy, but we’re sure Terminator Axie owners will be disappointed! So, before you invest in Axie Infinity right now, think twice.

It might be better to wait is for the new state of play to settle in before investing large sums of money. We mean, who knows? By then, individuals might have a few new tricks up their sleeves.